The Bold Type is back tonight!

A big thank you to Freeform for not keeping The Bold Type fans waiting. After the Spring finale aired in March, The Bold Type is coming back tonight with the rest of its fourth season. New episodes will be airing throughout the summer. So fans will have new adventures to watch from our favorite trio!

A lot has changed since we last saw the girls. In the previous episode, Sutton and Richard finally tied the knot! And Sutton had a particularly exciting day. She found out that she has been promoted to stylist at Scarlett! Richard was a bit shocked at first. But ultimately the couple decided that they would make long-distance work while Richard is in San Francisco and Sutton is living her dream in NYC.

Kat released the tax returns of a major Scarlett investor online. And no surprise, it didn’t go unnoticed. So unfortunately, Jacquline has no choice but to fire Kat. Kat knows she did the right thing, but now she’s jobless – where does she go from here?

Season four has been a tough one for Jane. Not only did she decide to end things, permanently, with her cheating boyfriend Ryan. But, she decided to make a huge life-changing decision about her health. To lesson the risk of her getting breast cancer (from the BRCA gene she has), Jane decided to have a double mastectomy. The surgery is definitely a scary time for Jane, but her besties are there for her every step of the way.

(Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

The episodes picks up three months after the wedding. Newlywed Sutton is focused on her new job, Kat is focused on…not have a job. And Jane returns to Scarlett for the first time since her surgery. The three girls are all going through life-changing moments in their lives. New beginnings for some, monumental moments for all. But we know these girls with help each other get through it all. (Before Coronavirus shut down production, the show was filming the final episode of season four. Will we get the finale that the show’s writers intended? Will the season be cut short? Only time will tell!)

Tune in for new episodes of The Bold Type, starting tonight on Freeform!