The Fosters: Where are they now?

The hit drama The Fosters came to an end in 2018. The show lasted five seasons and followed the life of The Fosters family. The family was led by same-sex couple Lena and Stef. They lived with their children including Lena’s son Brandon and adopted twins Mariana and Jesus. At the beginning of the show, The Fosters met Callie and her younger brother Jude. Callie and Jude had spent years in the foster program going from house to house. With the Foster family, they finally found a home.

The Foster family has been in our lives since 2013. And now, fans get to see Callie and Mariana Foster’s adventures in California on their spin-off show Good Trouble. But what is going on with the rest of the Fosters? We take a look at where our favorite Freeform family is now.

Stef & Lena Foster 

When we last saw the ladies, they fostered a new child, Corey. Lena and Stef were planning to adopt him, but he decided to return to his biological mother. With their kids grown and out of the house, they decide to put the Fosters’ home up for sale. Stef opened a non-profit shelter for homeless and abused women. And Lena decides to start a campaign for assembly.

Stef and Lena even visited Mariana and Callie in California on Good Trouble. But unfortunately, the campaign is affecting Lena and Stef’s relationship. Ultimately, they forgive each other and had time to give their girls the solid advice that they are famous for. They’re still the moms we know and love!


When we last saw Callie’s little brother, Jude, left off about to continue his studies. On Good Trouble, we find out that Jude is doing much better as a sophomore in college. His grades are better and he’s having quite the time hooking up with cute guys in college. The little Jude we first met in the first episode of The Fosters is now a man!


When The Fosters ended, Brandon became a married man! The series finale saw Brandon marry Eliza, despite her parent’s objections. But in Good Trouble, Brandon hints that his marriage is not going as well as he’d hoped. Even worse, he’s driving a car service, and not telling his wife about it. He doesn’t have a job after graduating from the Musician’s Institute, but Eliza is a cellist with the L.A. Philharmonic. After a much-needed talked with Callie, Brandon realizes he needs to communicate more with his wife. Hopefully this will mean a big turning point for these newlyweds!


Audiences left Jesus at a tough time. He has just broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Emma. But things are looking up for him! When he visits his sisters on Good Trouble, we find out that Jesus has his own custom treehouse building business. It’s not successful though, so he’s building houses until the business takes off. Jesus talks with Mariana about his struggles, including how it isn’t easy for him to make a living since he doesn’t have a college degree. He sets plans in motion to meet with a broker who can give him a loan for his business. And, he hits it off with Callie’s fellow clerk, Rebecca. We’re hoping to see Jesus return for Good Trouble season two!