The Future of Jamie and Callie’s relationship on Good Trouble

Since the beginning of the new series Good Trouble, the relationship between Jamie and Callie has continually been on thin ice. They’ve always discussed being lawyers, with Callie finishing up her last year at UCSD and about to begin clerking while Jamie was working with a law firm. 

Their relationship subsequently fell apart when Callie stole confidential documents from his briefcase to help potentially homeless tenants. 

In Episode 6, season 3 of Good Trouble, Jamie asks her to meet for drinks. The tension is palpable, as they sit down to chat. Jamie’s purpose for this is straightforward: he wants them to be professional, since they’re sure to run into each other on the job.

However, Jamie also has a second item he wishes to discuss with Callie: her boss is under investigation with the FBI. Callie immediately becomes defensive and thinks it’s just the DA’s office getting revenge or Jamie trying to make her doubt herself and her choices. Does he still have feelings for her? Or is this just a lawyer tactic? 

In a way, Kathleen and Mark utilize the past relationship between Callie and Jamie and pit one another against each other. These upcoming interactions will remain intriguing as they carry on as professional adversaries. Even Callie seems to be playing this tactic. At the end of episode 8, Jamie checks Instagram and sees that Callie posted a cropped photo of herself and Tony. The viewer can almost visually see Jamie become demoralized as he sighs, all alone at his desk. 

So, what does the future look like for Callie and Jamie moving forward for the rest of the season? Here are 3 possible theories:

They get back together

When you’ve been with someone as long as Callie and Jamie have been together on Good Trouble, it’s tough to say goodbye for good. The main attraction between the two of them as of late is the toxic nature of each other. That may sound a little weird, but just follow along. Even though Jamie and Callie are not the nicest to each other right now, showcasing that raw emotion might foreshadow that they still have strong emotional ties to one another, something they might not be able to keep away.

They stay separated

On the other side of the toxic spectrum, one can look at how they have verbally treated one another and say that the two will stay in splitsville. When they last met in person at the bar, it ended far from a happy note. The two raised their voices at one another, bickering about intel that Jamie gave Callie, while Callie accused Jamie of intimidating her. It’s hard to come back after such a volatile encounter that the two just had. She would’ve been irate and hurt if she figured out that Jamie knew something and didn’t warn her, so there is no winning here. However, one has to wonder what Jamie was trying to get at here. Did Jamie only tell Callie to control her and tamper with her excitement over her win and working with Katheleen?

They keep it professional

It’s hard to get a read on Jamie if he was attempting to be as genuine as possible when he asked Callie if they could keep things on a professional basis. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he was being upfront and honest. They may not have a connection of love between each other, but they have a mutual respect and understanding for one another.  

What do you think Callie and Jamie should do on Good Trouble?