The Logan Of It All

So, he’s dead?

A deadly car explosion would probably lead to the end of Logan Echolls in the planet we live in. However, on Mars, or in the world of Veronica Mars, there is always a possibility for something exciting. For the uninitiated, the season 4 finale of Veronica Mars displayed perhaps the most heartbreaking incident that it’s fans had to witness; the sudden possible death of Logan Echolls as he approached a car that would explode due to a time bomb fixed to it. The very next moment fans took it to internet and so begun all sorts of theories to what might have really happened to Logan.

In an attempt to channel the Veronica Mars inside of us and solve the puzzle to what could have happened to her ‘soulmate’, we are going to suggest a few theories (or spoilers; take it however you want) about what revelation season 5 may have in store for us regarding Logan’s fate.

1) Logan Fakes It Till Veronica Makes It On Her Own
Now before you start to think that I’m going too much off the trails with this one, just hear me out. If you’ve been a keen viewer of the series since the time of its inception, you’ll admit that one of the stories that kept you hooked for so long was the roller coaster of a ride that was Veronica and Logan’s relationship. The one thing both the characters had to struggle with was the idea of staying apart from each other. Both have dated other people and tried to get settled in between their on again-off again relationship. Yet each time some strange attraction of fate seemed to pull them back together momentarily, only for something else to throw them far apart. As this pattern repeatedly occurred since the time they were very young in highschool, it is only natural that both Veronica and Logan has been deeply emotionally affected by it, so much so, that they have started to believe, though subconsciously, that they are just not meant to be together.

So every misunderstanding, every tragic incident and every occasion when either of these individuals had to deal with trust issues regarding their relationship; all of it resonated with Veronica and Logan as fateful signs indicating that they are not meant for each other. Yet, the heart wants what it wants. So they give it one more chance and get married. As they pack for honeymoon Veronica has an epiphany regarding what could be inside of a backpack in her car. Also, she realises that she must stop Logan from getting the backpack, but it’s too late(ain’t it always?).

And so followed the mighty explosion. While most would be compelled to believe that it killed Logan and rightfully so, I would like to remain optimistic and suggest that Logan had an epiphany of his own. I believe this deadly explosion served not only as a near death experience for Logan but as a loud and clear sign from the universe as well. And for the first time Logan decided not to fight off anything that’s causing a separation between Veronica and himself. Instead he lets it all to sink in, and perhaps has a realisation that he should accept this message as the true fate of their relationship. Therefore, Logan takes it upon himself to stage his own disappearance following the explosion and uses it as a reason to separate himself from Veronica so that fate may take its strange course.

2) Drama of the Trauma
Here is a theory that’s a bit more sane. Since we’re talking about life threatening explosion, let’s follow it up with severe head injuries due to the shockwaves sent from the explosion, as is the case with most explosions. In plenty of cases like this, the victim is found to suffer from memory loss due to trauma. That is exactly what could have happened to Logan. It may very likely be that Logan gains his consciousness after medical care only to have forgotten about a huge portion of his identity and the people he surrounds himself with, including Veronica. He becomes diagnosed with traumatic brain injury which results in memory loss. Perhaps he is admitted in a medical facility for a long term basis and its determined by specialists that it may take years for Logan to fully recover and most importantly recognise Veronica and remember everything that happened between them. Till then, its a long wait.

Hence, we can draw back to the scene where Veronica receives a recording from Jane which is a voicemail from Logan, where he talks about Veronica when he did remember who Veronica is.

3) Blast from the past: A case of Mysterious Abduction
If you happened to be Veronica Mars and have solved plenty of cases which led to clearing the name of the falsely accused and exposing the real culprit, then two things can happen. One, you will surely garner all the admiration and respect of the people you have helped and your peers. However, you will also become the target of many of those whose crimes you have exposed and whom you got convicted, and their peers. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that an old enemy from the past is lurking in the shadows and has vowed to get revenge. Perhaps getting to Logan is only the first of many tricks that this old enemy wants to perform.

If that’s the case, then we need a rethinking of what happened at that spot during the explosion. It may be so that this culprit had stalked Veronica and Logan and waited for the right moment to make a move. And when Logan was knocked unconscious due to the explosion, this surreptitiously sneaked into the spot and abducted an unconscious Logan.

One might refute this theory by claiming that no culprit could have thrown dirt on Veronica’s eyes and abduct Logan that easily. And I agree that it’s no easy job to trick the so familiar ‘attention to detail’ quality of Veronica when she is paying attention. Though only this time she wasn’t paying attention. If one clearly remembers , the shockwave sent the explosion shattered Veronicas window glass and knocked her on her bed. And there she lay for a good amount of time, perhaps questioning her fate regarding Logan and this whole situation. She was completely unaware of whatever may have happened outside immediately following the explosion. That is when the culprit played his part.

Again, one might argue that spectators outside of their house should be able to catch the culprit in the act. To them I will say that there’s no smoke without fire. Or in this case, the other way round. As the place became covered with smoke following the explosion, this allowed the culprit a perfect opportunity knowing that no one will be able to see what’s happening behind the smoke.

4) It’s Just What It Is
So, he’s dead?…Well, probably. In the end no matter how optimistic we try to be in order to save this character who served as one of the main reasons to watch the show, the reality of life reminds us that men are merely flesh and bones. And Logan was ‘the man’ for so many admirers of this series. He was everything from an arrogant rich kid in high school, a knight in shining armour for Veronica in many occasions, but most importantly one of the strongest characters that this whole saga has been relying on for years. Now it’s time to set him free. Perhaps to all of us he is going to be someone we thank for doing his part all these years. And what this means for Veronica should be something we leave to her to figure out and make peace with in the upcoming season 5.