Micheal Cimino’s Upcoming single “Love Addict”

Michel Cimino is following in George Sear’s footsteps! He has announced in a post on his Instagram story that he will be releasing Love Addict today at 9 pm pst. 


Michel Cimino is most famously known for his role as Victor in Love, Victor. It is a spinoff from the movie, Love, Simon. It’s a show about a gay teenage boy trying to find himself and find his true love. It is a great show and has become one of Hulu’s most popular Rom-Com since it’s debut. 


Great to see Cimino using talents other than acting. The teaser trailer was dropped by him in one of his  Instagram posts  a couple days ago. It seems like it’s going to be a hit. He has a wonderful voice and from what was heard from the teaser, the vibes and melody of the song really suits his vocals. 


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Micheal Cimino has showcased his acting talents really well in Love, Victor. He has an amazing capability of expressing his feelings. The teaser for “Love Addict” has him starring in it which is a great choice because he has proved himself worthy in the acting industry. Hope, he doesn’t disappoint his fans now in the music industry. 


The song is getting premeried in a couple of hours and all the fans are pumped. Everyone is dying to hear it. Some are so proud of this new step in Cimino’s life. Others are already saying that they are going to love it before they even hear it. Cimino has quite the loyal fan base. Gotta love some strong support! 


You can set a reminder for the song premiere here or you can sit and wait like how some are doing. Either way, you don’t want to miss out on Cimino song love addict!!