The Vampire Diaries Recap Dead Man On Campus 5×8

Now that the Silas drama is over, things are finally going to calm down for our Vampire Diaries crew, right? Obviously not. We pick up with Jesse. Poor Jesse, turned into the private lab-toy for Dr. Maxfield. Dr. Maxfield’s trying to learn all he can about vampire-ness…Which would be okay except for the superhuman strength the newly vamped Jesse now has. He breaks out of his shackles, attacks Dr. Maxfield and in short order and does what any vamp loose on a college campus would do — heads to a party. Bonnie’s struggling with the fact that she’s now the anchor to the afterlife. Her powers are gone and she’s majorly bumming. Don’t worry, Bon, it will get better. She and Jeremy are getting hot and heavy, so there’s that. Elena runs into Aaron (Dr. Maxfield’s son) and invites him along to the party. Looks like it’s going to be a rager. Jesse’s blood-lust leads him to call Caroline to help him not eat his roommate. A noble request. She heads over with Elena — and they proceed to tell him how awesome it is to be a vampire. Elena must have some short-term amnesia, but we’ll go with it. Now that Stefan has his memory back, he realizes that maybe he didn’t want it. He tells Katherine about his PTSD and the two are bumming together. Misery loves company. Back to Aaron, though. Aaron tells Elena his life story and it’s a sob fest. Elena realizes that Dr. Maxfield is the only family poor Aaron has and Caroline and Elena make Jesse heal him. However, once he’s healed and the three split, Damon comes in and starts torturing him to find out why he’s creating vampires. Maxfield can’t catch a break! We learn that it’s because he was trying to create a super race of vampires that only crave other vampire blood, not human blood. Things could get dicey for our main group of heroes. Case in point, the party. Jesse and Caroline start getting a little bit romantic at the party and Jesse gets a little rough, only to realize he’s wanting Caroline’s blood. He manages to control himself and heads off to Dr. Maxfield’s to get some answers. He happens upon Damon there and the two get into a fight. Damon is in over his head since Jesse’s got some genetically modified strength — so Elena stakes and kills Jesse. RIP. Caroline’s pissed. Meanwhile, Katherine get’s in some travellers mess involving exorcising Gregor and decides she’s going to jump off the clock tower and end it all. Stefan manages to sweep her up and it looks like a Stefan – Katherine – Elena love triangle is about to unfold. Drama. Next week, we see Damon gets strapped to the table by Dr. Maxfield and he’s involved with the Augustine society. Tune in to see how it all goes down.