Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from 05/15-05/21

1. Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers (Disney Plus) (May 20)

In this animated/live-action adaptation of the beloved cartoon, Chip and Dale live in a world where humans and cartoons live harmoniously. Simultaneously, hand-drawn characters struggle to survive in a world of CGI remakes and reboots. When a friend is threatened with the fate of video piracy, the two must join forces and save the day.

2. The Boss Baby: Back in the Cribs, Season 1 (Netflix) (May 19)

In this spinoff of the hit movie, Boss Baby (JP Karliak) attempts to balance family life with working at Baby Corp, with the help of his brother Tim (Pierce Gagnon).

3. The Stardust Thief (The Sandsea Trilogy, Book 1) by Chelsea Abdullah (May 17)

After Loulie al-Nazari saves a prince, she draws a sultan’s attention, forcing her to find an ancient lamp, or let all jinn be sacrificed. As Loulie and her bodyguard embark on their quest, Loulie discovers all isn’t what it seems, and must decide who to be.

4. So You Think You Can Dance, Season 17 (Hulu) (May 19)

Tune in for the latest season of the iconic dance competition, as a new repertoire of dancers compete to secure a spot in the SYTYCD studio.

5. The Legend of Black Jack by A.R. Witham (May 20)

In this thrilling fantasy, loner Jack Smith is whisked away on a journey filled with devils and dragons, talking to animals, and a woman who will become the love of his life. No one knows if this story is true, but Jack’s (supposed) life story inventively blurs the line between reality and pure imagination.

6. CKay Talks Love Nwantiti, Emiliana, Emo Afrobeats, Drake’s One Dance, Working w/Diplo and More, The Zach Sang Show (YouTube)

In this revealing interview, Zach talks to singer-songwriter CKay about the hit single ‘Love Nwantiti’, Drake’s single ‘One Dance’, and his description of the genre Emo Afrobeats.

7. How to Live Without You by Sarah Everett (May 17)

This tale follows seventeen-year-old Emmy, as she returns home for the summer to discover the truth behind the disappearance of her sister, Rose. However, she finds that Rose kept a lot from her, leading Emmy to question both herself, and their entire relationship.

8. Downton Abbey: A New Era (May 20)

In this follow-up to Downton Abbey, the Crawleys travel to the South of France. They unravel the mystery of a widowed countess’ recently inherited villa.

9. There for ME by JB Somers

Pop artist JB Somers creates a powerful ballad, in this song about the anxiety of wondering whether loved ones will be there for you when you come out as LGBTQAI+.

10. Harry’s House by Harry Style (May 20)

2.5 years after the release of Fine Line, Harry Styles returns with the stylish new recprd Harry’s House. With singles including ‘Cinema’, ‘Boyfriends’ and ‘Love of My Life’, it’s going to be a sonic delight.