Throwback Thursday: The Vamps Will Make You ‘Dance’


Brit pop rockers The Vamps are back this week with a brand new single out tomorrow, Friday, October 2nd. The new single is titled “Wake Up,” and it will be followed by a new album of the same name on November 27th. Check out a behind the scenes video from the band filmed during their time touring in Stockholm, Sweden for info on the making of Wake Up, below!

All this new Vamps hype has us super nostalgic for The Vamps first album, Meet The Vamps, released stateside in 2014. The four-piece Brit boy band actually formed via YouTube, of all places, after guitarist James McVey opted to use the video sharing site to search for like-minded prospective bandmates back in 2012. And there he found Brad Simpson, Tristan Evans, and Connor Ball, now known as The Vamps. And thus Meet The Vamps was born, and we were first introduced to this British invasion via their debut single “Can We Dance.” Go full on #tbt and check out the video for “Can We Dance” below!!!