Thursday Twitter Takeover: Alexis Marie Chute

Each week, an accomplished published author takes over the YEM Twitter account for Thursday’s Twitter Takeover. Each week, the YA author will answer questions, tell stories, and give advice on our social media. This week young adult author Alexis Marie Chute will be taking over our Twitter account.

Alexis is the author of the YA Epic Fantasy The 8th Island Trilogy Book 2: Below the Moon. The book became available this week! Take a look at this sneak preview from Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Ella

Lightning illuminates the sparse room where Luggie and I stand in silence and makes all the glass buildings visible. For a moment, I can see everyone in the city. Olearons prepare the wryst drink and vulai bread in the great kitchen for our imminent journey to the Star. Inside a molded-glass nursery, a red-skinned mother rocks her frightened baby. The Lord of Olearon struts around in his fanciest garb, overseeing everything but doing nothing. In contrast, Grandpa Archie and Dad dash here and there helping everyone. Olearons and humans sit at long glass tables, eating the tiny harvest, while others struggle to sleep. Then I see Mom and Captain Nate. Ugh. Their flirting is disgusting. I can’t stomach the sight of them, so I look up.

The dark sky is lit with splashes of purple, yellow, and blue as the pronged fork of electricity lacerates the atmosphere, shattering it as if it were pottery. Through the grassy pathways between the geometric buildings, past the warrior-training paddocks, and beyond to the western pasture, I can make out more tall slim red bodies going about their normal lives—though nothing is normal. Not for me in this new world, not for the Olearons, not for any race on the island of Jarr-Wya.

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