Tiana Le talks about what it’s like to stand up for what you believe in

Tiana Le can be seen in Disney+’s new show Big Shot. The series is a comedy-drama starring John Stamos, Jessalyn Gilsig and Yvette Nicole Brown. The show premiered on April 16th, and roles out new episodes until June 18th. In the series, Tiana plays Destiny, who uses her voice to stand up for what she believes in. Tiana lives in New Port, California, and resides with her family. YEM spoke with Tiana all about getting into acting and what it’s like being a part of Big Shot.

Young Entertainment Mag: How do you feel about your new show Big Shot coming out so soon?

Tiana Le: I’m so excited! The show’s been a long time in the making. We started filming in 2019 before Covid, and we finally wrapped in the beginning of 2021.

YEM: What was the inspiration behind you pursuing a career in acting?

Tiana: I’ve always loved to perform, I’m a singer and musician so I first started out in musical theatre which combined everything I liked to do. I landed my first role in 8th grade, and have been going ever since. I’m thankful that my mom believed in me and let me pursue my passion at such a young age. She’s always told me to do what I love, and to do it 110% so I’ve always had that mindset.

YEM: Your character Destiny uses her voice to stand up for what she believes in when it comes to the body shaming bullying that she faces, why do you think that it is so important for others to stand up for what they believe in as well?

Tiana: That was one of the scenes that really made me love playing Destiny. I’ve always stood up against bullying, and advocated for standing up not only for yourself but for others. I’m a firm believer in Do Something, Not Nothing. I hope that Destiny’s voice helps others to feel empowered to speak their minds, take action, and to stand up for what they believe in.

YEM: Would you say you and Destiny are similar?

Tiana: She’s very similar to me in the way that she’s passionate and speaks from her heart. She’s very loyal to her friends and she loves being on the team and the sisterhood that comes with it. So, as an athlete myself that was definitely something that was very easy to relate to.

YEM: What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?

Tiana: Without giving too much away in the upcoming episodes, Destiny faces some very deep and complex situations at home. There are some really tough emotional scenes, and the biggest challenge was honoring her character and immersing myself into what she was feeling and going through.

YEM: What is it like being on set with so many other girls around your age?

Tiana: After spending so much time together , we’ve become like a family. We always hung out in each others’ trailers, goofed off together, and hung out away from work. The chemistry you see on set is how we actually are with each other.

YEM: What is something that you learned on set that you will take with you as you go on to other sets?

Tiana: How to be resilient. We had a lot of long days on set especially when we filmed the basketball game scenes. Not to mention the added aspect of Covid and having to make sure we were not only keeping ourselves safe but each other as well. I’ve gotten to learn so much about our industry and how to just approach life as well from all the talented people I’ve gotten to work with on Big Shot.

YEM: What is something that someone watching Big Shot can take away from the show to help them in their own life?

Tiana: I think there’s a few takeaways that Big Shot can help people with. For example, Coach Korn’s storyline shows you that second chances in life are opportunities to grow and be better, and Destiny shows people that it’s okay to stand up for themselves and their beliefs.

YEM: What are some of the best memories you had while on set?

Tiana: We became so close and made so many funny memories. I would say one of my best memories is how during lunch we would blast music in the gym and everyone would play 5 on 5 basketball – the cast and crew together.

YEM: What are some types of shows or movies you hope to be a part of next?

Tiana: I’d love to do an action movie or play Ashoka from Clone Wars. I’d want to do all my own stunts! I also write, so I’m looking forward to producing, directing, and acting in my own projects.

Watch Tiana Le on Big Shot now streaming on Disney+!