Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from March 18th- March 23rd

March came and went so quickly and so did all its new releases. Here are the top 10 hottest releases from the last week in March. Check back in April for more. 

1. Taylor Swift – “all’s fair in love and poetry”

First of all, of course we have to talk about Taylor Swift announcing the tracklist of her upcoming album The Tortured Poets Department. She released tracks with intriguing titles like “But Daddy I Love Him” and “Down Bad”, this album is sure to be a slam dunk, but I mean it’s Taylor Swift, of course it’s going to be good. She even released a note to the listeners in the final track titled “all’s fair in love and poetry”. If you are a Swiftie, definitely get April 19th on your calendar because album release day is going to go so hard! 

2. Niall Horan – Live From Spotify

For Niall Horan’s latest project, he has partnered with Spotify to create a live album that is sure to rock your socks off. This 11 track project has Niall’s original songs like “This Town” and even some convers including his version of “Something in the Orage” originally by Zach Bryan. If you are a fan of Niall and his music or even of One Direction, you are sure to love this new live album on Spotify. Check it out today.

3. A Cat’s Life

You’ve heard of “A Dog’s Life” but now it’s time for the cat to get its turn for a grand adventure. Join this small cat on a big journey as Lou goes with his owner Clemence on vacation. Lou treks into the woods to experience things that she has never seen before. Follow her through her most exciting adventures this Friday, March 29th. 

4. In The Shallows– Tanya Byrne 

This novel from Tanya Byrne is everything you want out of a good love story. In The Shallows is an epic tale about loss and longing. This is a story that echoes mystery and thrill. After Nico goes missing, Mara chases down her ex to let her know what she really means to her. This book is full of intrigue and romance and mystery. If you like a good story with exciting twists and turns, this novel from Tanya Byrne is perfect for you. 

5. “We Were The Lucky Ones”

New to HULU is the exciting limited series starring Joey King and Logan Lerman. These two embark on a journey to tell the true story of a jewish family and their survival after the events of World War II and the holocaust. This story is packed full of emotion and information, but also is the most intriguing story told in a beautiful way. If you are a fan of history and want a new binge-worthy series, then this might be right up your alley. Check it out March 28th on HULU.

6. Beyonce – Cowboy Carter

Cowboy Carter, the latest country flavor from Queen Bey is dropping Friday and you do not want to miss it. If her song “Texas Hold ‘Em” was any foreshadowing of this project, we can definitely expect excellence. If you are a country music fan, pop music fan, R&B fan, or Beyonce fan then you can surely expect to find something to listen to off of her album Cowboy Carter releasing this Friday. 

7. Chronically Dolores– Maya Van Wagenen

From the New York Times Bestselling Author of Popular, Maya Van Wagenen does it again with her new novel Chronically Dolores. This book is overflowing with humor and heartache. It is a relatable story about a girl named Dolores who is learning how to grow up (aren’t we all). If you are looking for a funny story that will make you feel something, you are going to want to pick up a copy of this book on Tuesday. 

8. Madu 

Disney + is releasing a sweet story about a young boy who leaves his home in Nigeria to pursue a career in ballet in England. Away from Lagos at last, Madu finally lives in a place where his ballet dream is attainable. This is the perfect plot for anyone searching for inspiration and is wanting to follow their dreams. Check it out on Disney + this Friday.  

Check out the trailer here:

9. Crash Adams – Crashing Into Your Living Room

Crashing Into Your Living Room is the soundtrack of the springtime. Pop duo Crash Adams is at is again with a masterpiece of elegance from their latest album. If you are a fan of unique pop with catchy melodies that are sure to get stuck up in your head all week, then you are definitely going to want this project on your release radar. Tune in to hear Crash Adams’ new album this new music Friday. 

10. Hozier – Unheard EP

Speaking of new music, this EP from an artist that has been taking the world by storm is out NOW! It is a four song EP that pairs folksy vocals with catchy pop melodies. With a powerful tracklist and a TikTok viral song, (“Too Sweet”) what isn’t to love about this project? If you are a Hozier fan or just are looking for some good vibes, this EP is a lovely listening option for sure. 

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Top 10. Hope you found something sweet to sink your teeth into and we will see you next week for more exciting new releases.