Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from 05/08-05/14

1. Sneakerella (May 13)

In this charming musical, El (Chosen Jacobs) aspires to be a sneaker designer but hides this wish in his everyday life. After an encounter with Kira King (Lexi Underwood), and with a little dash of magic and passion, El discovers the courage to accomplish his goal.

2. Family Camp (May 13)

This comedy follows two families who’re forced to camp together. Subsequently, each family struggles to hold their units and marriages together as they strive for the camp trophy.

3. Café Con Lychee by Emery Lee (May 10)

Theo Mori can’t wait for college, an escape from life working at his parents’ café, and their archrivals’ closeted son Gabi, who’s lost their soccer team countless games. Gabi’s only solace is one day running his parents’ bakery post-graduation. When the arrival of a new fusion café threatens both boys’ dreams, they must work together to save their parents’ shops, despite the additional obstacle of their building feelings for each other.

4. MaveriX, Season 1 (May 12)

In this Netflix series, six young motocross riders team up to make the national titles. As they train for the big race, they discover that the real prize might be the friendships they form in the process.

5. NETTA Talks CEO, Chicken Noises, Eurovision, Self Acceptance and I Love My Nails, The Zach Sang Show

In this latest episode of the podcast, singer-songwriter Netta stops by to talk to Zach about winning Eurovision, and her songs ‘I Love My Nails’ and ‘CEO’. She also discusses the wild chicken noises she’s become most known for.

6. A Show for Two by Tashie Bhuiyan (May 10)

Mina Rahman seeks to get into her prestigious dream school through a student film competition. When heartbreaker/movie star Emmitt Ramos enrolls in her school to research a role, and promises he’ll be in Mina’s short, provided she plays tour guide for his photography contest, the two start to fall unexpectedly in love. 

7. The Quest (May 11)

This innovative reality series drops eight contestants in the world of the Everealm, where the challenges they’re tasked with save a kingdom, fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

8. Catwoman: Hunted (May 10)

Everyone’s favorite cat burglar returns, as her mission to steal a rare jewel puts her at odds with Interpol, Batwoman, and various powerful villains.

9. The Ghosts of Rose Hill by R.M. Romero (May 11)

Ilana Lopez is torn between becoming a violinist and obeying her parents’ wishes. After finding a forgotten Jewish cemetery and meeting the ghostly Benjamin, Ilana discovers a magical new side of Prague. Rudolph Wassermann offers to share his magic with Illana, so Ilana can have everything she wants. Unfortunately, Ilana eventually realizes he is connected to Benajmin’s tragic past.

10. Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode/April 22-29, 2022

In a recent episode of this news programs, look at some more of the most exciting and fresh news stories out there!