Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from August 13th- August 19th

We’re in the middle of August, everyone! The weather has been changing recently, and we’re getting ready to approach a whole new month soon! If you’re looking for something entertaining to listen to, watch, or read this week, here’s what to expect in this upcoming week!

The Summer I Turned Pretty

For fans of this show, the latest episode will be available this week! Check it out once it’s available on Amazon Prime Video to see what’s next in store for this series!

Blue Beetle – 8/18

This film has been highly anticipated ever since its trailer was released! Follow Jaime Reyes as the teen has been bestowed upon by an alien relic, giving him a suit of armor with incredible abilities. Based on DC Comics, if you’re looking for a fun superhero movie based on them, be sure to check the film out on its release date, August 18th!

Charlie Puth – Lipstick – 8/18

Fans of See You AgainAttentionWe Don’t Talk Anymore, Charlie Puth is set to release Lipstick on August 18th! This song will be making an appearance in his album due in 2024, so be sure to check the song when it releases!

Landscape with Invisible Hand – 8/18

If you’re looking for a comedic, sci-fi film, Landscape with Invisible Hand should be right up your alley! When an alien species’ bureaucratic rule and advanced technology leave a nice chunk of humanity unemployed and in poverty, two teens hatch an insane scheme to help ensure their families futures. Check this film out when it releases on August 18th!

Puppy Love – 8/18

Available on Amazon Freevee, Puppy Love follows Nicole and Max, who had a disastrous first date. Before they could even lose each other’s numbers, their dogs had fallen in love! Forced to become responsible co-parents for their dogs, it wouldn’t take too long until the two start falling for each other. Be sure to catch Puppy Love on Freevee on August 18th!

Look No Further by Rioghnach Robinson and Siofra Robinson – 8/15

A combination of The Parent Trap and The Vanishing Half, this novel tells the story of a pair of estranged siblings as they meet for the first time and confront their different experiences on identity and race. Niko and Ali meet for the first time at the Oglivy Summer Art Institute, and the two set out to uncover their shared history, but not without some hiccups along the road. Ali is falling for her roommate, and Niko is struggling to find a headstart in the NYC art scene. If you’re looking to see what lies at the end for Ali and Niko, give this book a read when it releases on August 15th!

Hozier – Unreal Unearth – 8/18

An Irish singer and songwriter famous for Take Me to Church, Hozier will release his latest album Unreal Unearth on August 18th! The album will contain tracks that he has released before, such as Eat Your YoungUnknown / Nth, and All Things End. Be sure to catch this album when it releases!

Iggy Azalea – Money Come – 8/18

From the4 same artist of Work and Fancy, Iggy Azalea will release Money Come on August 18th! Originally teased as on July 14th, Money Come is expected to come out on that date, and the song will serve as the lead single to her fourth studio album! So if you’re a fan of Iggy’s music and want to hear Money Come, be sure to check it out on its release date!

The Truth About Horses: A Novel by Christy Cashman – 8/15

If you’re a fan of horses and the author Christy Cashman (who has made appearances in The DescendantsThe Golden BoysThe Forger, and other films), then this book is right up your alley! Follow fourteen-year-old Reese as she dreams of winning the Black Elk race, only for tragedy to strike when her horse Trusted Treasure falls and was suggested to be put down, only for her to be sold. The tragedies don’t stop there, as the family business is in jeopardy and Reese’s relationship with her father becomes damaged beyond recognition. While still struggling beyond the aftermath of what happened to Trusted Treasure, Reese meets Wes, a selective mute with a troubled past. If you’re interested to see where Reese’s journey will take her to win the Black Elk race, be sure to check the book out on August 15th!

Calum Scott – At Your Worst – 8/18

From the same artist who brought You Are the Reason to life, Calum Scott will release At Your Worst on August 18th! If you’re a fan of his music, check it out once it’s released!