Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from December 18-December 24

Welcome to the third week of December! We’re almost nearing the final week, and you know what that means: Christmas Day! You might have done this way earlier at the beginning of December, but the time to hang up your stockings, light up the scented candles, and stir together some hot chocolate starts now. But what if you need some entertainment during the week while waiting for Christmas to arrive? Have no fear, YEM has compiled another list of Top 10 selects for your viewing pleasure.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish – 12/21

Are you ready for the return of a certain cat in boots? Well, look no further than Puss in Boots: The Last Wish! Unfortunately, his adventure has to be on hold, as he has burned through eight of his nine lives. But when the mythical Last Wish appears, Puss embarks on a journey to find the Last Wish to wish his nine lives back. You can catch this movie on December 21st of this year!

The Fury of Kanta by Marlena Frank – 12/20

Have you ever read The Wolves of Kanta series by Marlena Frank before? Well to those who have, the fourth installment of the series will be out this week in e-book format! The Fury of Kanta stars Mercy after she had found a cure and fended off the werewolves in Crowsmirth. But when the hunter Oscar found her and insisted to play a strange game with her, Mercy has no choice but to comply and find a way to not only escape her captor but also to find out what had happened to her parents’ past.

Weezer — SZNZ: Winter EP (Crush Music/Atlantic Records) – 12/21

Have you ever heard of Weezer? Fans of this band will be happy to hear that their upcoming EP, SZNZ: Winter EP, will be released on December 21st of this year. This winter-themed album features the emotions of “loss and despair and quiet” that the rock band conveys through acoustic guitars. If you’re interested in the premise behind this album and the band’s music, keep an eye out for this album’s release!

So, This is Love by Tracy Andreen – 12/20

Do you enjoy romantic comedies? If so, take a gander at So, This is Love, the sequel to the author’s first book, So, This is Christmas. Our main protagonists Finely and Arthur return to boarding school and aren’t sure of what the status of their relationship is. To top it all off, old enemies come back to haunt the two, and unfortunately for Finley, one of them has a crush on Arthur. If you’re curious as to what will happen, check out the book! It will be released on December 20th!

White Destiny by Eunjung (T-ARA) – 12/24

Fans of K-pop and J-pop, do I have a treat for you! Eunjung, better known as a member of T-ARA is set to release her special Christmas single, White Destiny on December 24th of this year! This will be her second single to come out in Japanese, and if you’re a fan of her music and her role in T-ARA, keep a look out for White Destiny’s release.

Willow Episode 5 – 12/21

Did you miss this show? For those who are still interested in this Disney+ series, Willow takes place 20 years after the defeat of the wicked queen, Bavmorda. Willow Ufgood, upon being requested by Queen Sorsha, helps guide a group of misfits to help rescue the twin brother of a princess. So far, our adventurers are being hunted down by the dark disciples, and Willow finds himself in a grim situation. If you’re interested to learn more, be on the lookout for this next episode to be released on December 21st!

I Wanna Dance With Somebody – 12/23

Do you know Whitney Houston? For those who don’t know, Whitney Houston was an American singer/actress who was considered to be one of the biggest, bestselling music artists of all time. And on December 23rd of this year, this movie will show the life of this R&B pop vocalist, presenting us with an excerpt of her musical journey to stardom. If you’re interested in the history of this artist, look her up! But otherwise, keep an eye out for this movie’s release!

Emily in Paris Season 3 – 12/21

Season 3 of Emily in Paris will arrive on December 21st of this year, and there’s a lot to unpack in this season! Did Emily return to Paris? Who will she date Gabriel or Alfie? And will she work for Madeline or Sylvie? Keep an eye out for even more news on this latest season on Netflix, and enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions that Emily will ride through when the season comes out!

Beware of the Monkey by MIKE – 12/21

Prepare for MIKE’s album, Beware of the Monkey, to be released on December 21st of this year! This American rapper and producer have gathered a well-deserved following from his underground scene, and his audience just seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day. If you’re interested in breakout mixtapes and beats laced with a direct, emotional voice—check out his album!

National Treasure: Edge of History Episode 3 – 12/21

After the successful release of its two-episode premier, National Treasure: Edge of History is back with another episode on December 21st of this year. If you have yet to watch this show, here’s a brief overview of what you’ll be seeing! Jess Valenzuela sets off on a journey to not only recover lost, historical pieces of treasure alongside her friends, but she also needs to uncover some family secrets that haunt her family to this day. This next episode will come out soon, so be on the lookout!

And that’s a wrap! What are you waiting for this week? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for the next Top 10, and we’ll see you soon!