Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from June 25th-July 1st

Is everyone ready for July? As the summer heat grows a little bit hotter, we’re certainly getting closer to the end of this month! For those who need some entertainment for this week and aren’t sure where to look, YEM has you covered!

Grown-ish Season 6 Premiere – 6/28

The show Grown-ish returns with its 6th Season, everybody! Be sure to check out the continuation of Zoey Johnson’s adventure in college on June 28th on Hulu!

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – 6/30

The legendary hero Indiana Jones returns in this fifth installment of his adventures! With the new era approaching and seeing the world outgrow him, an old enemy returns from the depths. Indy must return to the fray, don his hat and bear his whip once more to ensure that an ancient artifact doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Be sure to check the film out in theatres on June 30th!

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken – 6/30

There is a high chance you’ve seen this film in various advertisements! From the same studio that brought Shrek and How To Train Your DragonRuby Gillman, Teenage Kraken is set for release this week on June 30th! Follow the adventures of shy adolescent Ruby Gillman as she discovers lineage and tries to survive Oceanside High against the popular, mermaid-turned-human Chelsea. Be sure to catch this film this week on June 30th in theatres!

SLAY – Bonnie McKee- 6/28

Bonnie McKee’s upcoming song SLAY will release this week on June 28th! Originally a single that was set for release after her American Girl single in 2013. The song was scrapped and was instead performed through live shows. But as of June 6th, Bonnie hinted that the single was re-recorded through TikTok, and the album with the same title is reported for release this year! Be sure to catch this song, and the album, this year!

What Happens After Midnight by K.L. Walther – 6/27

If you’re looking for a contemporary romance, this book is just for you! Written by K.L. Walther, follow the story of Lily Hopper, who has two more weeks until she’s officially done with boarding school! When Lily becomes worried that she somehow missed out on all the fun of being in high school, she receives a mysterious note from an anonymous class named Jester. Upon getting invited to execute the perfect end-of-the-year prank, Lily sees this as her chance to drop her goody-two-shoes reputation to the ground. If you’re curious about Lily’s adventures with this mysterious class, be sure to catch the book on June 27th!

Nimona – 6/30

Are you looking for animated series based on a comic book? Netflix has just the right show for you! The upcoming series Nimona will be premiering on June 30th! Follow the adventures of a knight in a futuristic medieval world where he’s framed for a crime he never committed, and his only means of proving his innocence is to join forces with the very enemy he was sworn to destroy. Catch this show on Netflix on June 30th to hear the talented voices of Riz Ahmed and Chloë Grace Moretz!

The Japanese House — In the End It Always Does (Dirty Hit) – 6/30

Amber Bain is ready to release her latest album, In The End It Always Does, on June 30th! Fans of her work will be pleased upon hearing that some fan favorites will be in this album, such as Boyhood and Sunshine Baby! For those eager to hear her music, and her various collaborations such as Matthew Healy and MUNA’s Katie Gavin, be sure to check this album out on June 30th!

six songs that thomas headon likes and thinks you would like too – Thomas Headon – 6/30

From the same artist who brought Clean Me Up and Butterflies, Thomas Headon is ready to release his album six songs that thomas headon likes and thinks you would like too this week! The album will have songs such as Georgia and i loved a boy, so be sure to check this album out on June 30th!

Starlings by Amanda Linsmeier – 6/27

Written by Amanda Linsmeier, this gothic tale is sure to keep you on your toes! When Kit’s father’s sudden death reveals a connection with a grandmother that Kit never knew about, she was suddenly invited to visit the hometown that her father once lived in, Rosemont. Things are strange for her as she discovers that the Starling family, her family, is revered in the town and that the women seem to be at the center of everything. But doubt arises inside Kit. If the town is so wonderful, why did her father ever leave in the first place? And why did it seem like he never wanted Kit to discover it? To learn more about this mystery, be sure to catch it on June 27th!

Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Season 2 Premiere – 6/28

If you’re looking for madness once again, Alice’s Wonderland Bakery is back with a whole new season! Be sure to check this latest season out on Disney Junior on June 28th!