Turning Red: Everything You Need To Know

Don’t get too excited or you might turn into a fluffy panda too! Pixar recently released the trailer for one of their upcoming original feature films called “Turning Red” and boy, Pixar was spot on with the name!

Not much has been said about the movie yet and not much was given away in the trailer but the Pixar fans were able to catch on to a couple important details. 

First, the plot of the upcoming film. It is centered around a 13 year old girl named Meilin “Mei” Lee. She isn’t your average teenage girl. She turns into a giant, fluffy, red panda when she gets too excited or overwhelmed. Considering she is 13 and appears to have an overbearing mother that probably happens a lot. So, the plot will probably be about how she learns to control her emotions and grow up. Great, the fans always love a good growing up movie!

Second, the movie gave the fans Asian vibes. The main character has an Asian last name. Also, there is a scene from the trailer where Mei Lee is seen running back home to escape school after turning into a red pandora, and it seems like she lives near an Asian neighborhood. In addition, she turned into a panda which is one of the animals of Asia. So, it is safe to say that Mei Lee is possibly of Asian descendant of animal shapeshifters. This alot more original than the common werewolf shapeshifters movies. Sweet! 

Third, Domee Shi is directing the film. You may not recognize her name but you might recognize her Oscar winning short film “Bao”. So, the fans can expect to feel with the characters since she was able to feel with the characters in “Bao ”. Another member of the crew is Lindsay Collins as the Producer. Other very important members are the cast. Playing the voice of Mei Lee’s overbearing mother, Ming is Sandra Oh (played Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy) and Rosalie Chiang is playing the voice of the lead role, Mei Lee. 

“Turning Red” is set to release on March 11, 2022. You can check out the super cute trailer here!