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Kat Krazy Ft Elkka – Siren



Degrassi – This 2013 song by UK native Kat Krazy has got a dubstep beat which might sound a bit dated shortly, but for now it’s got us nicely pumped!  It’s the perfect song for Drew and Zoe at a pool party at the Hollingsworths.   


American Authors – Best Day Of My Life



Vampire Diaries Season 5 Ep 13 – This song is playing as Catherine plots to get Stefan back whilst deleting pics of Damon from Elena’s phone.  You can’t help being swept along by the mischievousness of her actions when you hear this upbeat tune.  Who doesn’t love a bit of a jaunty banjo riff when there’s body stealing going on?  American Authors formed in 2011, are based in New York, and as well as Vampire Diaries, this song also features on recent Ben Stiller directed The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.



Active Child Feat. Ellie Goulding – Silhoutte



Arrow Season 2 Episode 13 – This gorgeous tune is playing as Sara drops by Oliver’s lair, she tells him about Laurel’s reaction to her return and he tells her about his mother, they end up kissing.  Active Child relaxed sound utilizes lots of vocal harmonies, and it’s difficult to believe that it’s all the work of one man, Pat Grossi.  Ellie Goulding’s voice compliments his perfectly.


The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery



Vampire Diaries Season 5 Ep 13 – This 2012 track was released on an EP with the wildly successful Sweater Weather, and is great moody background music for Tyler, Nadia and Matt taking shots (but let’s face it, there’s a variety of music to fit all the drinking moods in Vampire Diaries).


St Vincent – Rattlesnake



Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 13 – Opening of episode, as Catherine enters the dark room. Annie Erin Clark, or St Vincent as she is known, has been wowing audiences with her haunting vocals since 2009.  She’s pretty nifty on a Fender Jaguar too.  She’s currently on her third studio album, Strange Mercy, and resides in Manhattan where she’s been dazzling recent crowds at NY Fashion week with her funky blue hair!  She’s a fixture for us and she should be for you too.


AG – Shelter You



The Fosters Season 1 Episode 15 – Callie and Brandon confess their love for one another, even though they can’t be together, and AG is strumming along to help us feel their pain!  Real name Adrianne Gonzalez, AG has been bubbling around under the surface for some time now, but has yet to break solidly into the spotlight despite supporting Jeff Buckley, and featuring in loads of TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill.  With a vocal talent this strong, it’s surely only a matter of time.


Emilie Mover – Ride With the Tide



Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 19 – Emilie Mover has an extremely evocative voice that conjures up the ghosts of songstresses past, and it’s no surprise that last year she laid down a Peggy Lee tribute album!  Ride With the Tide plays during Pretty Little Liars when Aria tells Spencer that she has been seeing Ezra again.  Get an earful of her most recent album Mighty Time; we promise you won’t be disappointed.




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