Tv Tunes

Chelsea Wolfe – The Waves Have Come – The 100, Season 1 Episode 8

This song is playing during the fraught moments in The 100 when Bellamy confronts Octavia about letting the Grounder escape. Chelsea is a native Californian who currently resides in LA. She debuted her smooth and dreamy sound with 2010 album The Grime and the Glow. This song comes from her 2013 album Pain is Beauty. Chelsea will be touring over the summer, supporting both The Eels and Queens of the Stone Age.  

Lucius – Turn It Around – Vampire Diaries, Season 5 Episode 20

Stefan and Elena win at charades whilst this sweet song of pop perfection by Lucius plays in the background. Lucius are a five piece from Brooklyn who boast two lead vocalists. Greedy. They are supporting Tegan and Sarah on some US dates this month. We recommend you put down what you’re doing and listen to their wonderful album, Wildewoman.


Ms Mr – Bones – The Originals, Season 1 Episode 21

Ms Mr by Bones is a suitably ominous background track for the scene in which Klaus makes an exchange of his blood for the moonstone rings. Heavy on the keys and seductive vocals. Ms Mr are a perfectly compact twosome consisting of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow. Bones was pulled off their 2012 EP Candy Bar Creep Show. They’re killing the indie pop scene right now and you can catch them at one of a handful of summer festivals all over the US.

The Hawk in Paris – Freaks – The Originals, Season 1 Episode 21

Screaming guitars and bluesy vocals make this an all round Originals match made in heaven. The Hawk in Paris is three independent musicians and songwriters, who had been college friends, uniting with a dream of creating some sweet 80’s and 90’s inspired electronic/synth pop. They get props for an oddball video; check it out below:


The Shining Twins – I Hate You – Awkward, Season 4 Episode 4

First of all, how great is this band name? Also, the sentiment perfectly mirrors the rumble on the football field between the Senior and the Sophomore girls in this episode. There’s definitely nothing new about the riot grrrl sound of The Shining Twins, which was itself an extension of the 70‘s/80‘s punk scene which exploded in the early 90’s with bands like Bikini Kill. However, we’ll give this now sadly deceased two piece (the band, not the members) from NYC extra points for attitude. Check out the video below:

The X-Men Theme

Here’s a little blast from the past … the theme tune from the original 90’s cartoon of the X-Men! Granted, the cartoon isn’t quite as sophisticated as the live action reboot, but this old school song still gets us on the edge of our seats. We can’t wait for the Bryan Singer directed Days of Future Past, starring Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy, that drops on July 18th.