Tv Tunes Ya Mag Oct 29

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Here are the TV Tunes that have got YA Magazine amped up this week … whether you’re a young musician or just music lover, we think you’ll enjoy these too!

Carousel “Another Day”

Awkward, Season 4 Episode 15

This low fi pop track plays as things heat up between Will and Val at the bonfire and they end up smooching. This song is the audio equivalent of a soft breath of fresh air and is great for the romantic scene. Carousel consists of just two members and hail from Cleveland. They are currently unsigned, but we have a feeling they won’t be for much longer. Check out their whimsical track below:  

Summer Twins “I’m No Good”

Awkward, Season 4 Episode 15

This track harkens back to fifties and sixties doo wop music in the best possible way. It’s playing in the background as Jenna hangs out in Owen’s room after they hook up; maybe the lyrics reflect her guilt at hooking up with a sophomore?! The Summer Twins are from Riverside, California and are two sisters (we’re not actually sure if they’re twins or just look a lot alike), Chelsea and Justine Brown. They are occasionally joined live by Michael Rey on bass and are signed to Burger Records. Check out their track below:

Meg Myers “Go”

The Originals, Season 2 Episode 2

This track plays as Kol spots Davina walking down the road and decides to have a little fun with his magic and her. We love the gutsiness of this rock track from Meg Myers, a Tennessee native who signed with Atlantic Records in 2012. This track is pulled off her second EP; check it out below:

Us Baby Bear Bones “You”

Faking It, Season 2 Episode 4

This is the song that’s playing as Lauren wrestles with whether to tell Theo her secret but backs out at the last minute. Us Baby Bear Bones are a three piece from Brighton, UK, who make a lot of abstract pop melodies. This track comes from their EP What Starts With U Ends With I. We think it’s pretty great… check it out and let us know what you think:

Keep Shelly in Athens “Recollections”

The Originals, Season 2 Episode 2

Kol tells Davina over dinner that they are soulmates whilst this electro pop number plays in the background. Keep Shelly in Athens are, unsurprisingly, from Greece and describe their music as Chillwave. They are currently signed to Cascine Records, and released their debut album At Home in 2013. Check out the track below: