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Ashley Holiday, who plays Melissa on Hollywood Heights, is best friend to Lauren Tate, Brittney Underwoods character.  Ashley got into acting at a very young age, with her first gig being Miami Vice.  She has been on sets since she’s a baby, but had no intersest in acting. When she got older, about high school age, Ashley decided that she really loved acting and decided to pursue it.


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Ashley managed to snag the role of Melissa because of nerves. She claims that without the traffic on the freeway and getting in late for the reading, she would not have gotten the role.  As soon as she stood in front of the producers,  Ashley’s nerves kicked in and she soared. The producers love the chemistry between her and Brittney and they became the best friends in Hollywood Heights.

Melissa has a ton of Ashley in her – more then we saw from her previous role as Chloe in the ABCFamily show Huge.  She says that she shares Melissa’s love of life, her wackiness, and her love of people.  For Melissa, the glass is always full.  Unaired yet, Ashley’s favorite scene is yet to come. Ashley also has her own project in the works. She didn’t want to talk about it, but it will probably be something awesome.

“I love instagram”, Ashley told us. Something her charcter Mellissa might like if she wasn’t holding a video camera the whole time.  Dr. Don Masters, played by Grayson McCouch steals the show on set, as Ashley tells us, and she is taken aback every time they’re in a scene together.

I also got her to spill about her favorite book and what she’s reading now. Watch, and give us your feedback below.


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