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YA: When did you go into acting?
Cody:  I’ve been doing it since I’m a little kid – performing in High School, I’ve always been performing for my family.
YA:  What’s your experience been so far:
Cody:  There’s a lot of rejection.  Everybody knows that.  There are a lot of pros and cons.  It’s been amazing.  It’s given me the backbone to deal with it and to work harder.  I have a lot of opportunities to do what I do.
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YA:  You’re in the music industry, as well.
Cody:  Yeah.  You have to work just as hard.  I work harder than anyone around.  It was my first passion.  I want to inspire people to be themselves and do what they love to do.  The music industry is tough but it’s also very powerful.  I use it in my acting world.  Everybody connects to it.
YA:  Do you prefer music or acting?
Cody:   Both are equally challenging because the same way I prepare for a character, I have to prepare for every single song I sing.  There’s emotion in the characters and there’s emotion in the songs.
YA:  Your beat is so clean and fresh.  When did you decide to do music?
Cody:  Music was my original passion, my initial passion. I use music to express myself.  If I’m not putting out things that I’m passionate about, there’s no point in me putting it out.
YA:  Is the song about someone specific?
Cody:  I want people to say ‘this song is about me’.  I want boyfriends to dedicate it to their girlfriends.  I want to connect to a wide range of people.
YA:  Is your song on “Heights”?
Cody:  No.  I want it to be totally separate from “Heights”.  But it’s all me singing the songs on “Heights”.
YA:  How did you get the role of Eddie?
Cody:  I took a couple of meetings.  They offered me a different character, but I wanted Eddie.  I knew I could do it.  I told my agent and we got it!
YA:  How do you keep your professional relationship separate from your private one?
Cody:  It’s always professional.  Everybody’s always professional.  I have a rule not to date anybody on the show.  I love Brittany.  She’s a sweetheart.  She’s fantastic.  We have great chemistry on camera, and we’re really good friends outside of that.  I think it’s because we trust each other.  But that’s where we keep it.
YA:  The piano scene is my favorite.  What’s yours?
Cody:  That was a fun scene.  I loved the performance of me on stage when I did my concert in the first two episodes.  I love being on stage.  I love performing.
YA:  Are you coming out with an album?
Cody:  Maybe later in the year.  I’ll keep pushing the singles – 3 or 4.  My focus is on the singles.  An album will be released when it’s ready.
YA:  Just like what Kelly did in Hollywood Heights, when she put you in the backgorund of Laurens music video.
Cody:  It’s always good to have people that have a name in the music industry that people respect to come and do features of your music.  It brings in other fans, other demographics.  That’s what we’re counting on, that’s what we’re looking for.
YA:  What’s your favorite book and what are you currently reading?
Cody:  You know what’s funny?  I’m actually about to start reading 50 SHADES OF GRAY.  I wonder like why everyones obssesed with it.  I’m actually curious about the role.  I want to read about it.  It’s a very coveted role.  My favorite book as a child is Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, and Summer of Monkeys also by Wilson Rawls    


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