Slednecks is an interesting new series that looks at YA life in the wilderness of Alaska – a wild place that only few of us really know about. Amber, one member of the group, sat down with us to discuss the show, her life, and what makes Alaska so special.

Slednecks premieres this Thursday at 10pm on MTV.


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YOUNG ADULT: What are 3 things that make Alaskan wilderness so special and different?

Amber: Our wilderness is unlike any other. First off, it gives a sense of peace when you immerse yourself in it…standing on top of a mountain, looking down at the city or staring at a beautiful waterfall.  You can’t think of anything but the moment you’re in.

Secondly, there are so many different animals, from small fluffy bunnies to gigantic moose, you never know what you’ll run into.

Thirdly, in the Alaskan wilderness, the sky is the limit! There is nowhere you can’t go and nothing you can’t see—it’s like a playground for all ages and the things to do are endless, if you just give it a little imagination!


YA: What has changed since MTV produced a show about your lives?

A: Not a lot has changed. This is a show about our lives and how we live them. Although, I can say that my friends have helped me push myself out of my comfort zone and, because of that, I have gotten to go places and do things I normally would have been apprehensive about (or it just wouldn’t have crossed my mind)!


YA: How ‘real’ is this reality TV series?

A: This show portrays our lives and every adventure we have. We don’t want to live life in a mundane way—we want to seek out adventure and use our environment in a fun and exciting way. As for our drama, we are a family and family knows how to push buttons. This is our real life and story, so sit back and enjoy the ride.


YA: What are the best parts of growing up in your specific environment?

A: The best part about growing up in Alaska is being able to experience things that many people only dream of. We have so many amazing sceneries, animals and cultures. Not a lot of people can walk on a glacier or see bears in their backyard—here, it is an everyday thing. And, we take full advantage of it!


YA: Now that you’re a bit older, what do you miss the most?

A: Alaska is continuously growing and expanding and when you grow up in such a wonderful place and you see all the change happening, it makes your heart a little nostalgic—to drive past a childhood hangout and see a building in its place. All you have left are the memories and the hope that your words can paint a picture that does the memory justice.


YA: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about Alaska?

A: The biggest misconception is that we are uncivilized or somehow backward. Taking advantage of the outdoors and treating life like a playground doesn’t make people uncivilized, it makes them fun. We have the internet and shopping malls just like everywhere else. And do we ride sled-dogs to school? I wish!!! But sadly, that is one of many misconceptions. And honestly, the only igloo I’ve ever seen was carved by an ice sculptor at a winter festival.


YA: Where do you think your group’s wild and rowdy energy comes from?

A: All of my friends have such unique and wonderful personalities. When you live in Alaska, you definitely get bored if you don’t push your limits and create something fun to do. I feel like our energy comes from the excitement of pushing boundaries and creating our own fun within our environment. Also, when the temperatures drop to the negatives, you have to keep moving to stay warm!


YA: What message do you think Slednecks can impart to its viewers?

A: Don’t be afraid to try new things—don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There is no need for monotony. Life is too short not to embrace every moment, and that is what Slednecks shows the world. And that message can be carried over to people living in other states. There is nothing stopping you from embracing the beauty of your environment and living each moment to its fullest potential.


YA: Twilight—Team Edward or Team Jacob?

A: Well, when I read the books I was Team Edward, because who doesn’t love passion between two people and the sacrifices one will endure for happiness. But, then I watched the movies…and I was totally Team Jacob! He keeps fighting for what he believes in…and who doesn’t love a boy with ripped abs?




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