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Susan Ee’s new post-apocalyptic thriller Angelfall has already been generating a fair share of interest and buzz online and beyond, and for good reason: this gifted writer’s world of fallen angels and special powers practically jumps off the page. An interview with the author below.

When did you decide to start writing?
Susan Ee: Unlike so many writers, I started writing fiction as an adult. There were too many times when I was dying for a particular kind of story but I couldn’t find it. It was as if I was searching for a specific story that I already had inside me. Writing was a way to fulfill that wish.

YA: Tell us a little bit about your latest work.
SE: Angelfall is a novel about a teenage girl with a lot of family responsibilities who finds herself in a post-apocalyptic world full of wrathful angels and things that go bump in the night. She does what she needs to when her little sister is kidnapped by apocalyptic angels, even if that means allying with an enemy angel who’s been brutally injured. Lucky for her, she’s a very capable teen, and the angel has more layers than meets the eye.


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YA: What are some of the qualities in your latest work that set it/you apart from what’s currently our there on the market?
SE: These angels are badass warriors. I’ve been told that the story doesn’t hold back any punches and has real emotional impact for many readers. Since it’s a post-apocalyptic story, not much is candy-coated and I recommend it for mature readers, 16 and older.

YA: What attracts you to the Young Adult genre specifically?
The teen years are such an amazing time period where nothing is stable and anything is possible. It’s a stage in life where no matter how devastating an event or mistake can be, there’s still time to recover and triumph over the biggest challenges. It’s a time of oppression and hope, dreams and possibilities.


YA: Who would you count among your strongest influences, and why?
SE: I read a lot of Stephen King books during my formidable years. Karen Moning’s Feverseries probably influenced me because I really liked the format in which the story takes the entire series to tell, and also the slow burn relationship between the main characters. Harry Potter for the sense of adventure and world building. George RR Martin for his character development in the first three books of the Ice and Fire series. There are countless other authors and instructors that have influenced me in various ways but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

YA: If you could cast the Dream Film Adaptation of your work, who would you cast? 
SE: I’m leaving that up to my readers! There are film fan discussions about Angelfall online and even a few fan-made YouTube videos of dream casts. It’s fun to watch and I suggest you check them out.

From the Book:

YA: Do you have pursuits outside of young adult fiction?
SE: I’ve made short films that have played in the festival circuit. Fiction for mature young adults and adults young at heart seems to be my thing. I think that’s about where my maturity level is, so that works for me!