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On June 28th I had the pleasure of attending a reading for the book The Letter Q. The reading was done at an independent bookstore in Brooklyn called, WORD.  After making my way downstairs and taking my seat, the bookseller in charge got up and announced the line up. Eleven authors from the east coast: Nick Burd, Benoit Denizet-Lewis, Diane DiMassa, David Ebershoff, Paula Gilovich, Arthur Levine, David Levithan, Sarah Moon, Eric Orner, Rakesh Satyal, and Bil Wright. Each one would get up and read aloud their story aloud.



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These stories are no fiction matter. The point of this book is to reach out to the younger generation in helping them grow, and to encourage them to be themselves. The Letter Q is letter after letter of authors, writing to their younger selves. About who they are and how their lives have changed.  One author who I found to be quite humorous was Rakesh Satyal. He started singing. He just wanted to be himself.


After the readings, wine was served and mingling began.  My photographer and I got to sit down with three of the authors, Nick Burd, Sarah Moon, and Arthur Levine. Each one had something very meaningful to say. If you’d like to watch some of the interview, go to our video blog. The event was quite moving, and the more people that read it, the more acceptance there will be.


Here’s a link to the event page.



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