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About the Book:

Published by Nancy Paulsen Books

ISBN 0399256849 (ISBN13: 9780399256844)

“Ever since her brother Sef left for Iraq, Cassie has felt like her life is falling apart. Her parents are fighting over her brother having gone to war. Her smart, beautiful sister is messing up. Her little brother, who has Down Syndrome, is pretending he’s a Marine. And her best friend no longer has time for her. In her loneliness Cassie turns to a surprising source of comfort: Blue Sky, an Iraqi girl she meets through her blog.

The girls begin a correspondence and Cassie learns that when Blue Sky says “”I want my life back”” she means something profound, as she can no longer venture into her destroyed city. Cassie takes strength from Blue Sky’s courage and is inspired to stop running away from the pain, and reclaim her life.”


About the Author:

Mary Sullivan has received a Rona Jaffe Foundation Award and a St. Botolph Foundation Award. This is her third novel. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.