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About the Album:
Sigh No More put West London folk band Mumford & Sons on the map in a serious way. Their sound is distinct and easily recognizable somehow acoustic and anthemic at once. Their warble is evocative and unique. In late 2010, Mumford & Sons had already began road-testing new material that they had been working on. Most of these songs, including “Broken Crown” and “Below My Feet”, had already been played live on numerous occasions before the album’s release. Mumford & Sons decided not to change their sound on Babel, which is the follow-up to 2009’s highly successful Sigh No More that elevated them to international fame, but they did admit that they purposely took their time in order to perfect the sound that they had already developed. doom-folk’ genre that their main influence for the record was Black Sabbath.


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Track Spotlight: Ghosts That We Knew is almost elegiac in tone. Beautiful, sweeping and on form for these guys, GTWK will be on repeat all fall long.

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