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About the Album:
Like their peers Phoenix and Postal Service, Two Door Cinema Club manages to weave guitar-driven hooks and light electronica trills. Alex Trimble, Sam Halliday and Kevin Baird hail from Northern Ireland – and shout out Northern Ireland for killing it on the naming front. Trimble and Halliday met each other in school, and then met Baird through mutual friends. Performing together as a trio since 2007, they skipped college to focus on their music – a gamble that definitely paid off in spades. European influences are prevalent; their first major release with on Kitsuné, an awesome left of center French label. Tourist History was their first full studio album released. Beacon is their second and will also be released by Kitsuné records with Glassnote providing American distribution. They’ve refined their sound since their first album. It’s more mature, mellow and less frenetic, while still being youthful.

Track Spotlight: “Sleep Alone” which has debuted throughout festival season this year is evocative, ethereal and uplifting. It perfectly captures post-breakup/generalized angst/anxiety, etc. with a surprisingly upbeat hook.

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