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Courtney Batzofin

About the Album:

David Archuleta’s back with a vengeance. Archie’s new effort is a departure from his earlier albums. Nine out of the ten tracks are covers from artists ranging from Simon and Garfunkel to REM, demonstrating both a respect for his pop predecessors and a maturity all his own. His voice retains the same soaring quality that he became famous for, and yet his tone is more mature, confident and deeper than before.  Begin comes to us via Deseret Book’s label, Highway Records, (formerly known as Lightwave Records), a subsidiary of Shadow Mountain. ASIN: B008FVZHEK


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Track Spotlight: 

True Colors – Reinventing Cyndi Lauper’s famous hit and infusing it with his own special tenor, Archuleta’s sure to popularize this classic hit for a new generation.