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Courtney Batzofin

About the Album: 


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Is Your Love Big Enough? is a huge debut from a soon to be fixture on the US charts. The guitar and vocal powerhouse opened for Bon Iver during their past tour to critical acclaim. After one listen to Is Your Love Big Enough? it’s not difficult to see why. La Hava’s voice is silky and soulful in an effortless way. The work behind her art is hidden in a manner that can only be described as masterful. She not only has total control over her vocal instrument, but also accompanies herself on guitar and piano skillfully (separately), allowing her acoustic performances to carry as much weight as the near operatic studio tracks. The album has already debuted to #4 in her native UK. ASIN: B005VCASA4


Track Spotlight: 

Gone is a heart wrenching track without being overly dramatic. The simplicity of Lianne and the piano alone together lets her voice and lyricism stay in the foreground, where they belong.



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