YA Music – Knees & Elbows | Young Adult Mag

                                 Image via thegrapejuice.net


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About the Album: 
Willow Smith (or as she is soon to join the upper echelons of artists with one name only, Willow) is no stranger to the charts, fame, or Hollywood by any stretch. Spawn of two mega-stars, Willow burst onto the scene in her own right with her catchy singles Whip My Hair, 21st Century Girl, I Am Me, and Fireball featuring Nicki Minaj. Whip My Hair might even have been classified as a mini-cultural movement.  According to Billboard and Willow herself, the title of her new album is inspired by real life inspiration: “Everybody falls down and scrapes their knees and elbows but they eventually get back up.” Expect Knees and Elbows to be more R&B based than her previous singles. It’s rumored to be released 9/1 but as it’s been pushed back several times already, don’t be surprised if we have to wait until next quarter for it to drop.