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About the Album:
Nelly Furtado has been making music consistently for well over the past decade but The Spirit Indestructible marks a return to the English language arena for the “Fly Like A Bird” songbird. Indestructible is the upcoming fifth studio album by Canadian singer- songwriter Nelly Furtado, who is of Latin heritage and a fluent Spanish Speaker. Furtado acted as as the executive producer for The Spirit Indestructible, as well as a principal writer. The Spirit Indestructible was definitely a collaborative effort, however, with the likes of Darkchild, Salaam Remi, Mike Angelakos, Bob Rock, Fraser T. Smith, Di Genius, The Demolition Crew, John Shanks, Tiesto and Rick Nowels all having worked on it. Furtado has cited Africa as an influence for the album; She has been quoted in various promotional interviews regarding inspiration and meaning behind the album — “[W]hen I went to Africa, I really experienced people celebrating and being joyful together for the first time. It really reinforced my belief in humanity. It reminded me who I am. That’s why the album is so childlike. The experience also inspired the album’s title track, which pays tribute to mankind’s ability to overcome adversity. “So many things have happened that have inspired me in a lot of ways to believe in humanity.”The title of the album is “an ode to the spirit which resides in all of us and triumphs over anything,” it is inspired by people I have met, and special moments in history that I have read about.” Her voice remains largely unchanged, although topics addressed on the album have a much greater range and depth than earlier in her career. Thankfully.

Track Spotlight: I’m reluctant to spotlight title tracks, however “The Spirit Indestructible” really does capture the spirit of Africa and the essence of the entire album. Drum beats wonderfully accentuate Furtado’s vocal acrobatics and highlight her lyrical prowess. One not to miss.