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About the Album:
P!nk is inimitable. She easily could have been another flash in the pan late 90’s teen pop act, however has proved to have real staying power and always remained true to her own vision. Her sound has always stayed gleefully rebellious and punk in nature. In spite of the harder edges, P!nk (real name Alecia Moore) represents a strength in her femininity (she recently signed on to be Cover Girl’s newest brand ambassador).  The Truth About Love is her 7th studio album, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Less R&B in tone than her earlier albums such as M!ssundaztood, but not as aggressively in your face as Funhouse, The Truth About Love more accurately reflects the most prominent changes in P!nk’s life, that being a mother and wife. This album features some ace collaborations; Eminem appears oon the track “Here Comes the Weekend.” Lily Allen (now Lily Rose Cooper) pops up on a track called “True Love” and fun.’s Nate Ruess is featured on “Just Give Me a Reason.” As of July 2012, P!nk is placed third behind Rihanna and Beyoncé for most top ten hits for a female artist since 2000.

Track Spotlight: “Blow Me One Last Kiss” may seem like the obvious choice here, but for a reason. Still retaining P!nk’s gleeful anger, “Blow Me One Last Kiss” shows that P!nk hasn’t gone soft because of motherhood and that she still knows how to deliver the ultimate kiss off.

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