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Leaky Con is Harry Potter at its finest.  It’s a place for wizards and muggles alike. You get to be whoever you want by participating in the community.


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The community is a safe place, where people from around the globe gather together to become a part of a family different from the one they were raised in – just like Harry Potter when he discovers he is a wizard.

Leaky Con explores other worlds, too. You’ll find Luna Lovegood dressing up as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, and Dr. Who references being made as a punch line to a Harry Potter joke. The one series not accepted so readily is Twilight.


Twilight is a no-no at Leaky Con. Breaking Dawn Part 1 was the midnight showing, and Maureen Johnson was commentator, commenting on everything Bella. Maureen mentions how Bella only has one expression. As “Bella” walks down the aisle, she has this constipated look, and Maureen says, “happy face – this is my happy face” – everyone laughed.

Before the midnight showing, Leaky Con had many functions going on. Evanca Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, sat down with us media-folk and spoke about her experience in the film and what lies ahead.


After the media conference, I got to go down and watch participants get autographs from the Starkid Production stars.  I was not able to attend Day 3 when Darren Chris and cast put on A Very Potter Musical in 3D. 

There was also a Quiddich team that was formed on Day 2.  Leaky Con, is really incredible for its fans.  If you’re someone who loves to use his or her imagination and wants to be a part of something great, then this is the place to be. Its population has been growing every year since its inception.  Groups were formed, friends were made, and a goood time was had by all.



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