YA Story – Dear Young Boy | Young Adult Mag


There’s a sparkle in your eye,

That I so clearly see.

I hope to God, it stays right there

For all eternity.

You’re smart and quick,

I see that too.

Remember, never take for granted,

What’s dear to you.

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There’ll be games that you win,

And some that you’ll lose.

You could fall down and bruise,

You can get back up, if you choose.

You’ll make mistakes, no doubt.

But let them pass.

Learn the lesson well, and remember,

Nobody’s perfect, nobody was.


You’ll be strong some day,

Sway not, but know instead,

Power must stay with the hand;

Not get to the head.

Love you’ll find, along the way.

Sometimes it could hurt, a lot.

But life is good, and always worth.

So give it another shot.


You’ll meet people you wish you could be.

And others you’re glad you’re not.

Know this, son, that the best of all,

Are the hopes and dreams you’ve got.

Times can turn rough, and life

Could hand out an impossible task.

But dear boy, help can be found,

If only you choose to ask.


Everyone you meet, everyone you know,

Will ask different things from you.

Yet the targets and the goals you set,

Are entirely up to you.

Life is pretty much two-sided –

One part sorrow, the other, joys.

What you decide to meet each day,

Is solely your own choice.