YA Television: Jesus’s Girls

Jesus (Jake T. Austin) on The Fosters might be among the younger of the foster kids on the show, but that isn’t stopping him from being quite the ladies’ man. In fact, this season he finds himself in somewhat of a love triangle,
First off, there is sweet Emma, on the wrestling team, who grows from a friend of Jesus’s to something more (too soon to tell exactly what that is). Emma is played by Amanda Leighton, with whom we had the pleasure of interviewing just last week!




And then there’s Hayley, the on-again-off-again, hot-and-cold dancer who catches Jesus’s eye (and then some). The complication here, of course, is that Hayley is best friends with Jesus’s sister Mariana… Actress Caitlin Carver discussed this and more in our new exclusive interview with her!

Who do you think is best suited to fill in for Lexi now that she’s out of Jesus’s life (for now)?