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Series Rundown: 2 Broke Girls is classic sitcom fare that follows the misadventures of roommates Max and Caroline, both financially poor, and their efforts to start a cupcake business in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, New York. While the show could easily veer into schmaltzy, it manages to be funny, current and relevant in numerous ways. Kat Dennings as Max delivers a nuanced performance of a tough girl trying to hold it together and Beth Behrs shines as poor little rich girl, Caroline who has been disgraced by a father caught up in a Ponzi scheme. The supporting cast, one could argue, really make the show sing. Included in this fun group is the diner boss, Han Lee; Oleg, a cheerfully perverted Ukrainian cook; and Earl, a 75-year-old cashier who banters like he’s 25. Jennifer Coolidge also brings the funny as Sophie, a Polish immigrant who runs the housecleaning company Sophie’s Choice. At the end of each episode a tally shows how much they have for their business. Their goal is a lofty 250K, which should keep things humming along nicely for a while. With Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King helping shape the show, it’s clearly in good hands. So much so that it was picked up for syndication in its freshman season (last year) which is nearly unheard of.


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Highlight(s): Jennifer Coolidge is comedic gold. Always. Oleg is cringe worthy, but always good for the laughs. The real highlight of the show, though, is Max. Kat Dennings is beautiful and endlessly watchable. She’s accessible, cool and still aspirational. And she has great style. Keep on keepin’ on girl.

Catch Season 2 on CBS Mondays this Fall (after Partners). Check local listings for times.