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Series Rundown: Glee burst onto the scene in 2009 and has had some serious staying power. As in, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere ANYTIME SOON. The show focuses on a high school glee club, New Directions, and their struggles competing on the show choir competition circuit. The interpersonal dramas include relationships, sexuality and socialization difficulties like fitting in or liking who you are. The show is now about to enter its fourth season and has catapulted its original cast members to stardom as well as spawned a spin-off reality show, The Glee Project. The show has covered songs from artists ranging from Coldplay to Michael Jackson, Billy Joel to Guns N’ Roses. The singles released consistently top iTunes and Billboard charts. Many of the original cast members will be graduating this fall, and while the show will likely still follow some OG cast member storylines this opens up McKinley High for new, fresh meat. The teachers will remain the same in order to provide series continuity.

Highlight(s): Hard to say because there are so many, but Kurt (Chris Colfer) delivers a sensitive, nuanced performance of what it means to be true to yourself.

Check out two new hotties from the show: 

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