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Series Rundown: Made in Jersey centers on a Martina Garetti, a streetwise lawyer born and raised in New Jersey. When she joins a posh New York City law firm, she has to concurrently defend her clients while navigating her colleagues’ skepticism and managing her Italian family’s constant, slightly overbearing interruptions. Upon a pre-screening of the pilot, there’s a lot to like about the show although it feels like it needs to find it’s footing. Janet Montgomery charms as Martina, and her girly contributions to the case feel authentic, as does her surprise at her luck. Her family feels slightly cartoonish, which is intended, but over time those relationships should temper.

Highlight(s): Kyle MacLachlan as the head of the firm manages to appear like he knows a secret the rest of the associates don’t, but not in an irritating way. He’s charming as ever. Stephanie March nails it as the best b you love to hate. Love.