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Series Rundown: Modern Family revived the sitcom in 2009 and IMHO ushered in a renaissance for that particular style of storytelling. The show centers on three families that are interrelated through the patriarch Jay Prichett and his children, Claire and Mitchell. Jay is married to a younger woman / single mother, Gloria a hot-blooded woman who, raises her son, Manny. Claire is a type-A homemaker mother of three married to Phil, a real estate agent. Phil likes to think he is a hip parent, but much evidence implies the contrary. Phil and Claire have three children: the eldest, Haley, a pretty but stereotypical teenager, Alex, a bright but sometimes overlooked middle child and Luke, the quirky only son. Mitchell, a lawyer, and his partner Cameron have an adopted Vietnamese daughter, Lily. The comedy in the series comes from the fact that the situations are grounded – these people could be your family, or mine. The series shows no signs of slowing; it often dominates it’s time slot, and very often the entire night it’s on.

Highlight(s): Eric Stonestreet as Cameron is aces. He manages to convey over the top antics with a level of restraint that prevents him from being grating and keeps him fully lovable.


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