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Pretty Little Liars was bananas this week. We started out with Ezra outing Spencer’s drug problem to Aria. This was in order to protect himself and divert the heat off him. She, in fact, does have a problem but that’s a bit beside the point. Hanna, Emily and Aria staged an intervention for Spencer at her house.  Everyone pretty much discounted everything Spencer was saying about Ezra. While the intervention was going on, Ezra confronted Mona. She didn’t respond well, however, since he interrupted her date.


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Aria slowly realized that Ezra was lying. Before she could set things right with Spencer, however, Spencer’s mom found out about the drug problem. Aria broke into Ezra’s cabin to double check her suspicions and found writings that detailed his lies. Ezra found her there and chased her through the woods. When he finally caught up to her, Ezra managed to convince Aria that he was writing a “true crime” book about Alison. He even went so far as to “admit” he started teaching at Rosewood High and dating Aria for research. He also said that his feelings for her are still real.


Now it’s unclear whether or not Ezra is “A” however, not because of anything that happened in the episode but because the series creator Marlene King told “E! Online” that’s wasn’t true and that Ezra has never been “A”. Lots of people are understandably confused and disappointed but we digress from the episode.


The episode ended with Spencer’s mom confronting her about the drug problem. Do you think the girls were right to confront Spencer? What do you think is going to happen with the Ezra of it all?