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Series Rundown: Switched at Birth recalls a favorite YA novel, The Face on the Milk Carton, actualized on television but with a twist. Bay Kennish is an artsy teenbeing raised by loving parents Kathryn and John in the wealthy neighborhood Mission Hills, Kansas, along with her older brother Toby. After learning about blood types school, Bay starts to unravel a life-changing mystery. Bay wonders why her blood type does not match her parents’ which leads the family to get medical testing proving Bay is not biologically related to them. The hospital mistakenly switched her with another newborn, Daphne, a deaf teen living with her struggling single mother Regina and grandmother in a working-class neighborhood in a neighboring town. Daphne attends Carlton, a school for the Deaf, where she plays basketball and learns to sign. Forced to reconcile the truth, the girls meet and struggle with their identities.  Because the Vasquezes are having financial troubles, they move into the Kennishes guesthouse. The living situation forces everyone involved to examine their differences, similarities and what it means to be a family. SAB was the highest rated debut on ABCF to date and is deliciously watchable.

Highlight(s): Marlee Maltin always stands out in her performances and SAB is no exception. As a guidance counselor and basketball coach, there’s a rich playground for her to roam within.


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