YE talks Teen Wolf with Ashton Moio

YA actor Ashton Moio recently appeared on one of the hottest shows around, ‘Teen Wolf’. YE got the chance to talk to him about his experience and more!

Check out the interview below! 

Donovan Teen Wolf

YE: Were you a fan of ‘Teen Wolf’ from before?

AM: I hadn’t seen much of the show. I don’t watch a whole lot of TV, but once I got it I checked it out and thought it was really cool, I like how most of the creatures have their roots in folklore from all different parts of the world. 

YE: What did you know about Donovan going into audition?

AM: Just what I had in the sides, which was basically that he was supposed to be a bit of a psychopath and planned on killing the Sheriff Stilinski.

YE: Who is Donovan now that you’ve played him?

AM: [Now that I’ve played him, it’s ]  just a little different in that, [I think about it as] if it was me under those circumstances. I just tried to justify the reasons for why I’d why I’d be so angry and want to kill someone.

YE: Should we be rooting for him or do we want him dead?

AM: In retrospect, I think the anger was misguided, Stilinski seems like a solid sheriff. Donovan would’ve probably benefited from getting some psychiatric help.

YE: Can you give us a breakdown on how the scene with Detective Stilinski went down? What was it like filming a scene where you have to tell someone you want them dead? 

AM: Basically I got on set, the director had us run through it and blocked it out based on what we were doing, and also where the holding cell we were going to was, and then we shot it. And it was a lot of fun, sometimes you feel like saying that kind of thing in life, but there’s consequences so you can’t. But in a scene like that it’s fun to be able to cut loose. 

YE: What was costume and makeup like during that ‘teeth’ scene? Was it hard to shoot?

AM: I had a couple different retainers. One with monster teeth and one that just looked like gums, and it all went pretty smoothly. I had to adjust to the retainer because if you’re not used to it, it can kind of make you have a lisp, but beside that it all worked out well.

YE: What’s it like working on a show with an all ready established cast?

AM: It’s nice. Everyone has a rapport with each other and it’s laid back and things move quickly. It was a really good experience. 

YE: What should we expect from Donovan in the coming episodes?

AM: Well I got impaled so as far as I know I’m pretty dead, haha.

YE: What did you and the cast do during down time?

AM: I read a bit on set or would be working on scenes for my acting class, or playing pool on my phone when there was a lot of down time. During shooting, I’d just have conversations with whoever I was working with I try to stay pretty present in between shots.

YE: How does Donovan on ‘Teen Wolf’ differ from Rico on ‘Twisted?’ What did you have to do differently to prepare for this role?

AM: Donovan went through some rough stuff, and with ‘Twisted’ it was a little more casual. On ‘Teen Wolf’ I had some more stuff to fill out emotionally, like why I felt so strongly about wanting to kill Stilinski and why I was so angry to begin with.

YE: What was your favorite scene to shoot on ‘Teen Wolf’ and why?

AM: The scene in the police station in the third episode where I tell Stilinski I wanted to kill him. Everyone in the scene was great to work with and I got to just let loose.

YE: What else do you have coming up?

AM: I’m gonna be in the 10th episode ‘Recovery Road’ on ABC Family, which premieres in August and I got a lead part in this independent film that’s starting next month I’m pretty hyped about.

YE: There’s been buzz on that new Han Solo film, any chance you’ll audition?

AM: I hope. That’d be rad but haven’t heard anything on that.

ashton moio

Want to see that scene Ashton’s proud of and more?  Check out Season 3, Episode 3: “Dreamcatcher” on MTV. 

Thank you, Ashton!