YE talks to Pretty Little Liars’ Dre Davis


You might know Dre Davis from way back in the 2010 season of Project Runway but if you’ve watched Pretty Little Liars you know that face from something much more sinister. She plays the mysterious Sara Harvey, a non-liar victim of Charles DiLaurentis’ evil ways. In case you need a quick refresher, Sara was stuck in the dollhouse for a lot longer than three weeks. Now she’s out, smooching with Emily and causing quite a bit of questions. Sara is one of the great mysteries of season 6. Is she good, is she bad? Is she good for Emily? Hopefully we’ll find out soon! Not even Dre knew that her character would still be around weeks later but she’s as excited as we are!

Check out YE’s exclusive interview with Dre Davis below. She talks about her first day on set, Sara’s future, Sara’s past and everything in between!