YEM Exclusive Interview: Izaac Wang shares what it is like to act with a puppet in Clifford The Big Red Dog

Photo by Emily Sandifer

Izaac Wang is an actor who can be seen in Raya and the Last Dragon, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and just finished the animation series Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai. Clifford the Big Red Dog came out in theaters and on Paramount Plus November 10th. Izaac portrays the character of Owens. YEM was able to speak with Izaac about all his different films. He also spoke about voice acting vs. regular acting. and so much more!

When asked about his favorite part about being in Clifford The Big Red Dog, Izaac stated that “It would have to be traveling to New York, and working in New York because those are two firsts for me. I have never worked in New York and I have never been to New York . To experience both at the same time and also experience staying in New York for three months was pretty cool. I got to see a bunch of things I have never seen before. I got to see the Statue of Liberty, I got to see Central Park, I got to eat 1 dollar Pizza, and I got to work in New York! It was a really fun experience and was definitely my favorite part. When asked what the hardest thing about acting with a giant red dog was.  He said “It would have to be nothing because the dog was actually a puppet! And the puppeteers who were controlling the puppet did an amazing job at making the puppet seem like a real dog.” 

In the interview we got to learn so much about Izaac. He was able to share alot about his experiences working as an actor so far. During the interview it is apparent how much Izaac really loves what he does. His passion really shines through when he is speaking about acting. Make sure to watch the interview to hear everything that Izaac has to say!