Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from November 20-26

As everyone is about to start their holiday break it’s super important to have entertainment to watch, listen and read to stay entertained. From a standalone series about the most famous member of the Addams family, to a coming-of-age biopic about one of the most beloved and influential filmmakers Steven Spielberg. YEM curated this list of the best stuff to look out for this holiday season.

1. Wednesday (Netflix series) (November 23)


Feeling in a spooky mood? Check out this imaginative new series with up-and-coming scream queen Jenna Ortega, known for projects like You season 2, Scream (2022), The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020), and X (2022). Here, a young Wednesday Addams attempts to harness her growing psychic abilities, as well as survive high school. At the same time, she must solve the supernatural mystery that previously ensnared her parents. Make sure to this article that YEM wrote all about the upcoming series.

Wednesday Addams TV Show Coming to Netflix | Jenna Ortega Secures Lead Role

2. Strange World (November 23)

Strange World

In this creative new animated picture from Disney, the legendary Clade family starts experiencing serious differences, which could potentially ruin their latest expedition, and their most important.

3. The Last Field Party (The Field Party #7) by Abbi Glines (November 22)

The Last Field Party

This latest installment of the popular franchise by Abbi Glines (Take a Chance, Until Friday Night) has the old gang from Lawton High reuniting to discuss unresolved conflicts. Will everyone find the happy endings they want? Or will their rift become bigger than ever?

4. BROKEN HEARTS by AViVA (music album) (November 25)


This soulful, somber new collection of songs by pop maestro AViVA, creator of ‘Queen of the Freaks’ and ‘Rabbit Hole’ meditates on the darkness that lurks within all of us, with tracks from ‘The Saint and the Sinner’ to ‘Scream’. While looking for cool tunes to listen to, look back at last week’s New Music Friday listicle before YEM’s next one drops on Friday.

New Music Friday: ‘Gratitude’

5. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (Disney Plus) (November 25)

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

In this imaginative and sentimental holiday special, the Guardians band together for their own out-of-this-world Christmas celebration. If you adored the two films about this ragtag team, you’ll definitely want to tune into this festive event. Speaking of Marvel, if you somehow missed Ms. Marvel, take a look at YEM’s past article to catch up on everything you need to know! 

Ms. Marvel: Everything You Need to Know About the Release Date, Cast, & More!

6. Of Cages and Crowns (The Culled Crown #1) by Brianna Joy Camp (November 22)

Of Cages and Crowns

After being born with the ability to summon fire, Monroe Benson’s parents strive to keep her hidden from the world. But when Queen Viera calls for the start of the yearly Culling, Monroe must prepare to fight a battle she’s not ready for, assuming her place in a larger war between good and evil. If you’re a fantasy geek, definitely watch out for the name of author Brianna Joy Crump. And while you’re looking for new things to read, feel free to peruse YEM’s recent New Book Tuesday listicle. 

New Book Tuesday: November 15th

7. LEGO: City Adventures, Season 4 (Netflix) (November 22)

LEGO: City Adventures

Following the crazy events of season three, in which a documentary on the green city was hosted and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the sewer dolphins was solved, join the citizens of Lego City for yet another series of the most amazing and hilarious misadventures.

8. YEM Exclusive Interview/with the cast of “Vampire Academy”

YEM Exclusive Interview/with the cast of “Vampire Academy”

In this tantalizing new interview, YEM got to sit down with Vampire Academy actors Daniela Nieves and Sisi Stranger to discuss their experience portraying the characters of Rosemarie and Lissa. This is also special because it is the second new show that YEM has covered that is airing exclusively on the Peacock streaming platform, the other series being ‘One of Us is Lying’. 

YEM Exclusive Interview | with the cast of “Vampire Academy”

9. The Fabelmans (November 23)

The Fabelmans

In this heartrending-but-sweet biopic, Steven Spielberg, director of the Indiana Jones films and Jaws, combines his technical showmanship with his mastery at working with actors to tell the tale of his adolescence, as he discovered a terrible secret within his family, and found his passion for filmmaking as having a remarkable healing power in the process. Additionally, YEM will soon be posting an interview with actors Keeley Karsten and Alina Brace at the end of the month, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

10. The Croods: Family Tree (Hulu) (November 25)

The Croods: Family Tree

Join the Croods and the Bettermans as they navigate everyday life after miraculously not being taken out by a doomsday meteor at the end of season four. From figuring out how to pronounce Grug’s (Kiff VandenHeuvel) name, to creating roasted mahi ma-hyena, it’s going to be a season full of crazy prehistoric antics.