YEM Exclusive Interview | with the cast of Gossip Girl

XOXO YEM readers. We are back with yet another exclusive interview for you. This time, three of the cast members from HBO Max’s drama series Gossip Girl recently spoke to YEM to discuss all things Gossip Girl. So, who from the stellar cast have we assembled for your viewing pleasure? It is none other than Thomas Anthony Doherty, who plays Max Wolfe. Emily Alyn Lind, who plays Audrey Hope. And Evan Mock, who plays Aki Menzies. 

Be sure to check out everything Thomas, Emily and Evan had to say about season 2 of Gossip Girl, including behind-the-scenes moments, little-known facts about the cast and show, their relationships on and off the set, and so much more in the interview.

But first, let’s discuss what Gossip Girl is all about, the Max Wolfe, Audrey Hope, and Aki Menzies characters and the fantastic actors who play them! 

HBO Max’s Gossip Girl is a drama series spin-off of the 2007 hit CW show also titled Gossip Girl. The current series features an almost entirely new cast and crew with notable exceptions, including Kristen Bell, who serves as the Gossip Girl narrator, and the show’s creators, who also serve as executive producers. 

The Gossip Girl series is based on popular novels of the same name by author Cecily von Ziegesar’s. The show follows the lives of affluent teen students who live, work, and play in the Upper East side of New York City. The protagonist is an anonymous character whose pen name goes simply by Gossip Girl. GG (as the name of Gossip Girl is often referred to) is a cunning and enigmatic blogger who reveals the latest scandals and secrets of others. The show is jam-packed with backstabbing, mystery, deceit, romance, and drama.

The teens who fall into Gossip Girl‘s dangerous web are Max Wolfe, Audrey Hope, and Aki Menzies.

Max’s character can be described as a mysterious womanizer and hard-core partier who enjoys the independence and individualism that his lavish way of life affords him. Max is rebellious, and frequently goes against his strict Jewish upbringing at every turn. In short, he is an avid pleasure seeker. Max also identifies himself as a non-conforming pansexual. In real life, Max Wolfe is played by actor Thomas Anthony Doherty. Thomas was born and raised in Scotland and began modeling and acting after he graduated college. Besides his role in Gossip Girl, one of Thomas’s most notable acting roles was as Harry Hook in the 2017 musical fantasy film Descendants 2

Audrey Hope is the loving and devoted daughter of famous fashion designer Katherine Hope. Audrey is perfect right down to her pristine appearance, impeccable manners, and intellectual abilities. Audrey has a passion for life and continually seeks out advantageous opportunities. Playing the role of Audrey is actress Emily Alyn Lind. Emily comes from an esteemed family of actors and got her first major role in the 2008 film The Secret Life of Bees

Last, but certainly not least, is Aki Menzies. Aki is a product of a divorced but powerful family. He is the youngest offspring of the infamous Australian conservative media tycoon Roger Menzies. His mother, Jody, is a rich and powerful corporate boss. Despite his excessive wealth and his parents’ larger-than-life personas, Aki’s character can be described as sensitive, retiring, and introverted. Evan Mock, who plays Aki, is not only an actor but a professional model, and skateboarder. Gossip Girl is his first credited acting role.

In YEM’s interview with Thomas, Emily, and Evan, we discuss various topics centering on Gossip Girl that you don’t want to miss. So, watch the video to find answers to your most pressing questions, such as what memorable moments the cast has from filming the most recent season of Gossip Girl. We also ask the cast what the most significant difference between season 1 and season 2 of GG is! You will want to hear their answers as the cast reveals insights into their characters’ plot development. YEM also couldn’t help but ask the cast what three emojis best described their characters personas. Watch the video to find out their answers!

Thank you to Thomas, Emily, and Evan for sitting down with YEM and speaking with us! You can follow them on their respective Instagram pages @thomasdoherty (Thomas), @emilylind (Emily), @evanmock (Evan). YEM readers, don’t forget to watch Gossip Girl, exclusively airing on HBO Max. You can also view our interview at the link below. While you’re there, like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest entertainment updates. And if you still can’t get enough Gossip Girl, stay tuned to YEM for more related content across all our platforms.