YEM Exclusive Interview | with the cast of “One of Us is Lying”

Mystery show lovers, we have a treat for you! Three cast members from the Peacock network’s hit show “One of Us is Lying” recently sat down with YEM for an exclusive interview. If you have yet to learn about the show, you will want to add this to your watch list. So read ahead for a show synopsis and learn about the cast members.

“One of Us is Lying” is based on the New York Times bestselling novel by author Karen M. McManus. The premise is a classic who-done-it but with a youthful and edgy twist. The story centers around five high schoolers: Simon, Copper, Nate, Addy, and Bronwyn. During their stint in detention, Simon is murdered, thus leaving the other four remaining students under suspicion. 

Simon’s murder was due to his role as the mastermind behind the school’s salacious online gossip group, in which he reveled in sharing his classmates’ secrets. As the show progresses, these dark secrets become revealed one by one…

One of Us is Lying

In the interview with YEM, we spoke to three of the actors in “One of Us is Lying” to discuss the show, which is currently in its second season: Jess McLeod, who plays Simon’s friend Janae Matthews; Annalisa Cochrane, who plays the popular cheerleader Addy Prentiss, and last but certainly not least, Chibuikem Uche, who plays basketball player Cooper Clay.

YEM delved right into the juicy parts of the show. We first asked how they prepared for their kissing scenes? Answers from each cast member varied with Chibuikem taking a more serious approach to the question by stating that though the kissing scenes may look spontaneous, the cast must go through a well-choreographed routine before the scenes even commence. Jess has several hilarious takes on the subject which can be viewed in its full hilarity in the video.

YEM then asked the cast what the most challenging part of filming season 2 was? Annalisa answered by relaying how much emotion she had to emit for her character, which was significantly more than during season 1. Most certainly her role as a moody yet popular cheerleader can’t be easy to portray, and Annalisa goes into further detail in the video as to how she manages to cope at the end of each grueling shooting.

One of Us is Lying

The cast was asked what scene they were most looking forward to viewers seeing in season 2? What we gathered from the cast is that they are looking forward to viewers seeing new and refreshing scenes that show a softer side to the characters. Annalisa also expressed what she hopes watchers will take away from the show. You can hear her answer by watching the full video listed below.

We at YEM had a great time speaking to Jess, Annalisa, and Chibuikem. We thank them for sitting with us and sharing their thoughts and experiences. Be sure to watch the full interview below. Please also follow the cast members on Instagram: @itsjessmcleod (Jess), Annalisa @annalisacochrane (Annalisa), Chibuikem @chibuche (Chibuikem). You can follow YEM on Instagram @youngentmag.

Finally, don’t forget to watch “One of Us is Lying,” exclusively airing on the Peacock network. 

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