YEM Interview: Bryce Bruckbauer shares what he learned from being on the set of American Underdog with Zachary Levi

Bryce Bruckbauer is an actor. He can be seen in the film American Underdog. American Underdog was released December 25th 2021 and is the inspirational true story of Kurt Warner, who overcomes years of challenges and setbacks to become a two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl champion, and Hall of Fame quarterback. Bryce portrays the character of Young Matt Warner. YEM was able to speak with Bryce about what he liked most about playing his character, his favorite scenes in the movie, and some roles that inspired him to become an actor.

Young Entertainment Mag: In the film American Underdog, you play the young Matt Warner.  What did you like most about playing this character’s role?

Bryce Bruckbauer: The thing I liked most about playing young Matt Warner was being able to be the older brother to a boy instead of a girl.  The funny thing about it is,   I have a younger sister in real life, so it was fun to play the older brother to a boy instead of my real younger sister.

YEM: Why do you think this movie is important for fans to go and watch?

Bryce: The real reason I think this movie is important for fans and people in general is that it talks about how important family is in life and how family can get you through all the tough times everyone goes through. It also shows how family and friends are important to also help you celebrate the victories in life too.

YEM: Did you have a favorite scene in the movie?  Why was this your favorite part?

Bryce: My favorite scene in the movie besides my parts, lol would have to be the when Kurt get as second chance to try-out for the St. Louis Rams and the Head coach calls him upstairs to talk with him and he thinks he is going to get released. The head coach actually talks about him being older and out of college for a long time compares to himself as a head coach and know there is something special about him and says, “Welcome to the Rams”. That was so awesome because this is the way it actually happened in real life!!!

This was my favorite part because it just proves that you can never give up on your dreams and keep working hard and believing in yourself.

YEM: We noticed in your Bio that you attend the Jenkins Elite Quarterback Academy.  How are you liking it? Is the NFL in your future? Did this help you for the role?

Bryce: I love being part of Jenkins Elite Quarterback Academy.  I love having to work hard every Saturday and Sunday doing something I love. We get trained by ex-NFL Quarterbacks during our private lesson and our group 2hour sessions every week. This is the best way tp stay on top of your game and learn all the proper techniques and foot work.

The NFL is definitely in my list of goals to achieve.  This is the ultimate goal to achieve and this movie will help everyone follow their dreams and never give up or never say never when others tell you other wise. 

I would say, this skill didn’t help me for this role because Kurt’s older  brother was not the athlete of the family. However; during the filming of the movie we played football and I got noticed by everyone staff wise and they nicknamed me “ the kid with the arm” . Lol

The stunt coordinator, Mark Ellis, noticed me as well and asked me to audition for “Home Team”.  That being said,  having the skills of being a quarterback actually led to me getting the next role I play in the movie, “Home Team” coming out in January.

I had the role of doing all the throwing and running as the quarterback in the movie but since it’s based on a true story, the actual role needed a native 100percent hispanic role.  I was also casted as the other teams middle line backer in the mud bowl game.

YEM: As a young actor, how do you balance everything on your plate: academics, family, activities, and your acting career?  Any tips on balancing everything?

Bryce: Lol, this is a good one… it’s pretty hard, but I just really don’t think about it and just get it done.  I learned a lot of this from my dad. He still helps me all the time even though he owns his own company working nonstop.  He always still finds time for family and fun with all fo us.  You just have to push yourself and be the best in everything you do.  Never do anything half way and put your heart into everything you do.

Tips for others would be good time management and having a game plan in your head as well. You have to keep organized and just push yourself!!! Stay motivated and positive as well because hard work always pays off!

Also; be positive when the final movie comes out after all the edits and some of your scenes were not used.. Even though we filmed a bunch of scenes they only ended up using one of them for the movie due to editing and time..  Just remember,  be positive and use all these experiences to learn from and be grateful you were cast and able to act with other great actors and meet great directors and contacts.

YEM: American Underdog is a really inspirational film.  Do you have any encouragement for fans that are trying to overcome obstacles in their own lives (especially ones trying to make it in the acting world)?

Bryce: For sure!!! You just have to stay positive!  Just remember, everyone goes through obstacles.  It’s how you bounce back after them that’s important.

In the Acting World,  Just keep pushing and never give up. Remember it’s like 1000 NO’S and only takes that one YES.  Stay focused and surround yourself with positive people who support you too!!! 

YEM: Do you think you’ll stay in this genre of film or do you hope to do other kinds of movies, too? What are some roles that you watched growing up that inspired you to become an actor?

Bryce: I really love all sports movies but I would also love to get cast in a Super Hero Movie.  I love watching these types of movies and know I could do a great job in any of these roles.  I also would love to get cast in any of the roles of an action thriller movie.  I really only would like playing good guy roles and it would be challenging to play the role of a villain… lol

YEM: Speaking of favorites, a few rapid-fire questions.  What is your . . .

a. Favorite food

Bryce: Steak

b. Favorite movie

Bryce: Star Wars

c. Favorite activity or sport

Bryce: Football, lol

d. Favorite athlete

Bryce: Aaron Rodgers

e. Favorite book

Bryce: Unwind 

YEM: Any movies similar to American Underdog that helped get you into this role?

Bryce: not really, I just had to get into the role of being the smart kid and not the athlete. Lol, not easy..

YEM: Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, and Dennis Quaid are three very talented actors in this film – did they give you an advice in terms of your acting and/or were you able to pick up anything that might help you for future projects?

Bryce: I was able to talk with them a little bit but not really about acting or anything like that.

I would say I picked up on them all having great work ethic and if they can do it, so can I…

YEM: What was the hardest scene to film and how did you overcome it?

Bryce: I was able to do a pretty good job on all the scenes we filmed for this movie.  The hardest scene though was having him throw me a pass and me turning the wrong way and then storming off scene saying “I’m done playing”.  This is not my personality at all. Lol

Even though they only used one scene in the movie out of all the ones we filed this would have to be the hardest for me.

YEM: One important message or thing you’d like fans to know about Bryce Bruckbauer, American Underdog, or life in general?

Bryce: My true motto that my parents have taught me to to keep in my heart would be:  “Never say Never”!  This pretty much sums everything and giver everyone hope to achieve their dreams… 

This would be the most important value to me that I hold in my own heart… You just have to remember that if you truly work hard you will achieve your goals.

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