YEM Interview: Cmagic5 speaks about her motivation in creating her music and lyrics

Cmagic5 is a musician who recently released a new single. The new single is titled “DANCING ON MY HEART” and is out along with its music video. YEM was able to speak with Cmagic5 about how she got into music, how she came up with ideas for her music videos, and what her fans mean to her.

Young Entertainment Mag: What made you decide to get into music/ how long have you been doing it?

Cmagic5: Thank you so much for this great opportunity to interview me!

I believe music chose me. My passion for singing and acting manifested itself when I was very little with me performing to a living room audience at the age of 5. I am grateful to my parents who supported my passion and provided me with a strong foundation in the creative arts including dance, drama, and music, as a child. I was able to harness and develop my acting skills further and played lead roles in yearly summer Broadway performances.

The inspiration for writing songs was all around me and I had already started writing melodies at the age of 6 and began performing to a larger audience. I captured anything around me that inspired me at that age such as colors and animals and put it into a song. By the age of 10, my articulation developed as my thoughts and emotions matured, and I had written and composed my very first original song along with an EP in just afew days titled “Destiny’s Calling”. The lyrics were very raw, pure, and straight from the heart. My elementaryschool years were a challenging time for me, being bullied. It was during this time, music became my sole companion and opened up a plethora of avenues. I grabbed my acoustic guitar and dived deep into songwriting. This was the defining moment in my life when I knew that I wanted to pursue music for the rest of my life. Most importantly, I wanted to give back by inspiring others to feel the same magic that I experiencethrough music. “Destiny’s Calling” was a basement recording that led to my future professional studiorecordings. There has been no looking back ever since. I released my Debut Album “Ready to Run” createdall through these trying times in history – the pandemic.

And here I am with the first release of my next EP – “Dancing On My Heart”

Please feel free to check out my new music as well.

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YEM: What inspires your music and lyrics?

Cmagic5: Music was all around me as a child. Although no one in my family sings or plays music, it was a medium that helped us all get through difficult and challenging times, and brought everyone together through thick and thin. For me, music is therapeutic – something I have a deep and personal relationship with.

My music has been greatly inspired by real-life experiences and is a blend of reality and my vivid imagination. To me, music offers a tool, where I can creatively express myself. Throughout my elementary school years, I was bullied for having a vibrant personality and a creative sense of style. However, my experiences have only made me stronger and as a result, I was able to channel my emotions through various art forms such as music and fashion, to express myself uninhibited.

When it comes to my original music, I always try to ensure that the instrumental music and song melody alone, are powerful enough to tell a story. My sound is all about a meaningful narrative wrapped up in an infectious beat and singable melody.

YEM: Your new song “DANCING ON MY HEART” is out. What was it like making the song and music video?

Cmagic5: “Dancing On My Heart” is a riveting party anthem inspired by the universally relatable struggle of moving on after a breakup when your ex-lover finds any opportunity to let themselves back into your life. I wanted to create something fun and playful, but also empowering and impactful. I wanted to write something upbeat that would instill energy and exuberate confidence into my listeners. The track’s infectious tune showcases my abilities as a vocalist by enabling my voice to soar through the song’s wide range andemphasizes my soulful vocals through the melodic structure. I absolutely thrive on powerful beats and catchy melodies that are accompanied by my energetic and charismatic delivery.

The songwriting process for “Dancing On My Heart” was unlike any of my previous releases, in a good way.It definitely is one of my favorites and showcases my artistic evolution. As my Debut Album was entirely self-written and self-composed, this was the first track that I collaborated on with established songwriters. Also, it was written entirely through one zoom session! Aside from some technical glitches, the writing process was smooth sailing, and it was a blast jamming out with my producers in LA over zoom! It was incredibly refreshing to be able to bounce ideas off each other and get into each other’s headspaces, rather than solely listening to and recording my own thoughts. It was a perfect opportunity to feed off the creative chemistry with my collaborators, and vibing with the positive energy in the room was very liberating. Although it was all virtual, it felt like an in-person session! Once we started to kick around some ideas and throw words into the air, “Dancing On My Heart” was conceived!

The music video consisted of a total of 3 filming days.The track is definitely filled with lots of feel-good vibes, mature and clever lyricism, sassy undertones, and sugar-coated gooeyness that will surely get your heart racing and dancing!! This tack is accompanied by a spicy, colorful music video which readers can check out right here –

YEM: The song was trending in India as #1 the day the video was released. What does that mean to you?

Cmagic5: It was a surreal experience. I just could not believe it but was feeling so grateful and blessed tosee all the qualitative comments coming in by the second and “Dancing On My Heart” reaching number #1.It was an incredibly meaningful moment of my life.

YEM: You’ve been doing many interviews and been on the cover of magazines. What was that experience like?

Cmagic5: It has been mind-boggling. It was very interesting and so much fun just to be able to connectwith diverse people from different cultures and backgrounds. It’s just like magic! I love to see my music through the lens of other people through their expression and narrative! Ever since I was little, I have always been told that I have an exuberant fashion style. To me, fashion is a communicative tool just like music, where I can creatively express myself. Being bullied during my formative school years, I was able to channelize my emotions through fashion and music. Now, seeing myself on magazine covers is a dream come true and makes me feel proud of myself for everything I have worked hard for.

With all the pressures of fitting into unrealistic beauty standards, it can cause a lot of mental health issues related to body positivity. As an advocate and ambassador for mental health, I decided to model to overcome these challenges and inspire others to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, while raising awareness around the fact that true beauty comes from within.

YEM: How do you come up with your ideas for your music videos?

Cmagic5: I am always super excited to get my singles out into the world because it overflows with an assertive and unapologetic swagger and brings about empowerment. This powerful message in my videos is inspired and playfully portrayed from real-life experiences and how I persevered through my own trials and tribulations. I always like to plan out the music video beforehand and brainstorm with my team. I am grateful that they are always willing to listen to my ideas and incorporate their own creativity in the videos. It is important to me that my music videos have a narrative, even if it’s just a small scene at the beginning that gives a little bit of context about the song. I always ensure there is dancing, colors, and big energy in my music videos! I love when they are filled with eye-catching visuals and graphics that represent my unique fashion style, hoping it will transport the viewer to a different world even if it is for 3 minutes. I try to represent my artist brand in a way that takes the uplifting and empowering messages from my music and channel that energy through a vibrant and exuberant visual style. This is reflected in my personality as well.

YEM: You have over 30k followers, are they super interactive?

Cmagic5: My followers are from different parts of the world so they interact from different time zones which is super fun and I love answering their questions as they want to know more about me as an artistand as a person. “Dancing On My Heart” particularly has been a very humbling experience to see my followers being so creative and making their own personalized videos to it and what is even more amazing is to see different demographics from ages 03-90 years vibe to it.

YEM: What do your fans mean to you?

Cmagic5: I am humbled, grateful and feel blessed by their love and appreciation for my work. Their support means the world to me and they are part of my extended family. My fans are my priority always. No matter what I choose to write about, I always aim to convey the message of self-empowerment through my music. It is incredibly important to spread love towards others, especially in this day and age. However, I believe that being kind towards others always starts with self-love and self-compassion. My message to themwould be to “Dream your dream, keep the faith, work hard and stay humble!”

YEM: How were you able to have such a fun interview with so many puppies?

Cmagic5: It was so much fun collaborating with Vanility and The Furry Beauties! The founder of Vanility, Sara, invited me to do an interview at Vanility Studios to talk about my latest single “Dancing On My Heart”.Little did I know that she was going to bring along some cute little furry friends! It was such a cute surprise! The Furry Beauties were incredibly well-behaved throughout the entire interview which almost lasted an entire day! They became my new best friends that day and I love them so much! It was definitely a blast chatting about my new single with the cutest puppies and certainly one of my highlights of the year!

YEM: What has been your favorite part of interviewing with magazines like ‘Rolling Stones’ and ‘Bridge’?

Cmagic5: My favorite part about Bridge is that I was totally humbled and it was a privilege to grace thecover of their magazine as an artist featuring my latest song “Dancing On My Heart”! With Rolling Stones, it’s a dream come true and I feel blessed that they chose to listen to “Dancing On My Heart” and acknowledged and appreciated it so much!

YEM: Do you have a favorite part of being a musician? i.e. writing lyrics, music videos, etc.?

Cmagic5: I absolutely love it all, but songwriting is one of my favorite parts of the creative process! It is something I have been doing ever since I was little, so find that it comes very naturally to me. When it comes to my original music, I like to give every song a different vibe with its own identity through my vocal delivery and songwriting style. My writing style is vivid and direct to my listeners, conveying a positive message to smile, prioritize yourself and succeed. Although there is no golden formula or secret recipe for songwriting that I use, I try to make my lyrics as sincere as possible and universally relatable. Personally, my passion for making others smile and feel good through my music is my greatest motivation and most rewarding experience.

YEM: Do you have a role model you are inspired by?

Cmagic5: As an artist, one of my greatest musical influences has always been Nina Simone. Her voice, style of music, and work ethic have all inspired me to be the greatest musician I can be. One of her most successfulsongs, “Feeling Good” was the first song I began to perform in front of large live audiences. The more I sangit, the more I began to discover my true abilities as a vocalist. The profound response from the audience motivated me to think of my art and passion as a career and hone my craft even further. My other role model is Madonna because she is an absolute queen! She is one of my greatest fashion and music inspirations.

Listen to Cmagic5’s single “Dancing on My Heart” here!

Watch the music video for  “Dancing on My Heart” here!