YEM’s TOP 5 Albums of 2023

1. GUTS by Olivia Rodrigo

Released on September 8, GUTS is the second studio album from Olivia Rodrigo, featuring a 12-song track list that combines both energetic songs and soft ballads, and especially experiments with rock and alternative elements and influences. Songs including Get Him Back, Vampire, and Bad Idea Right? detail Rodrigo’s journey from adolescence to adulthood and includes themes of identity, romance, and stardom. 

2. I may be an actress but i can’t fake how i feel by Laura Marano 

Laura Marano released her debut album i may be an actress, but i can’t fake how i feel on September 15. We were excited to get new raw and vulnerable songs from Laura after many of her previous songs were used on Disney shows. Each of the songs on the album reflect a different stage of her life and the difficulties of being an actress, and Laura said she wanted to make an album that listeners relate to and feel like a part of her life. We are so glad Laura decided to start writing and putting out music again, and it is an album full of emotion, self-discovery, and love. 

3. HSMTMTS – Season 4

The fourth season of the Disney+ television show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series soundtrack CD was published on August 10, one day after the final season premiered in its entirety. The soundtrack features original songs and new recordings of songs from the 2009 film High School Musical 3: Senior Year and was a perfect and emotional way to wrap up the series. 

4. Snow Angels by Renee Rapp

Renee Rapp first got her start on Broadway but has since risen to stardom, releasing her debut studio album Snow Angels on November 17. The album follows the success of Renee’s debut EP Everything to Everyone and was released during her first major hit tour, the Snow Hard Feelings Tour. The album captures Renee’s upbeat and fearless personality through her ability to speak her truth through pop hits and emotional ballads.

5. 17 Again Musical Cast Recording

What would happen if you could turn back the clock to a younger version of yourself and start over? 17 Again is a musical based on the popular 2009 film starring Zac Efron and Matthew Perry. With music and lyrics from the Broadway team of Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, the musical comedy explores how the choices we make impact our life in unexpected ways. The soundtrack has 17 songs, including the powerful song Time for Starting Over from Eden Espinosa.